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18 May

A Whistler June Wellness Getaway: 3 Ways

The perfect Whistler escape means something different to everyone. For the on-the-go parent, it might be 2 hours of “me time” during the annual family vacation. For someone at the pinnacle of their career, it could mean an entire “think week” to come up with their next big idea. But there is one thing everyone has in common – a dislike of decision fatigue. To make the planning stages of your getaway fun, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite ways to relax and rejuvenate, based on your personal retreat style. If you’re a never-fits-in-the-box kinda person, don’t worry, we see you too – and welcome you to pick through all three recipes for inspiration.

For the Busy Body

You lead a full life, which you love, but you also need your rest. Slow it right down here in Whistler. Whether you travel solo or with the family, it’s the perfect place to make time for yourself to recharge. We know you don’t like to slow it down too much (lest you get bored!) so rest assured there’s lots in Whistler that will keep you engaged.

Woman walking the Valley Trail in Whistler

New views around every bend. PHOTO FEET BANKS

Your Retreat Recipe

Mix and match on the day to create your perfect itinerary.

Treat yourself

  • RnR Feature Facial at the Whistler Day Spa, this signature treatment will leave you positively glowing
  • Royal Manicure or Royal Pedicure with OPI at the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, get the “royal” treatment with a fresh look
  • Organic Acai Hydration Wrap at The Spa at the Four Seasons, the ultimate full-body rejuvenation. This spa offers treatments for kids too if you want to bring them along!

Move Mindfully

Woman hiking in Whistler

Always worth the climb. PHOTO MIKE CRANE

Reset and Rejuvenate

The nicest part of staying at a hotel? Not having to go far to relax, and being able to get there in your robe. Most hotels in Whistler boast luxurious pools and hot tubs. The Pan Pacific pool features a view of all the action at the base of Whistler Mountain and the Fairmont Chateau has the most adorable sauna.

Have an Adventure

  • Another kind of hydrotherapy, paddle peacefully down the River of Golden Dreams on a tour with Backroads Whistler or Whistler Eco Tours
  • As a lifelong learner, you might also be interested in some of the outdoor clinics and workshops in the event calendar

Dine Out

Whistler is home to many restaurants that bridge the good-for-you with the indulgent, perfectly. Take yourself (or your travel partner) on a date night at Alta Bistro, Aura or The Raven Room. When you need to grab-and-go, The Green Moustache, Naked Sprout and Olives Market will have the delicious and nutritious options you’re looking for.

For the Fit-cationer

You like to get a jumpstart on things; mornings, vacation planning and especially, summer. This is the season you can do all the things you love, often in the same day. You’re here to experience Whistler but stay on track, you travel often and know how important it is to stick to your wellness plan. Whistler has your needs covered and will provide the excitement you crave.

Woman trail running in Whistler

Vacation doesn’t have to mean slowing down. . . too much. PHOTO MIKE CRANE

Retreat Recipe

Mix and match on the day to create your perfect itinerary.

Treat yourself

  • Get a sports massage from those that work on the pros at Back in Action
  • Loosen any knotted areas with a deep tissue massage at Vida Spa or dissolve any lingering stress with reflexology at Blue Highways Massage Spa
  • Your constant travel for work and play can put you at risk for colds and flus, get preventative with an Algea Immune Boosting Wrap at Avello Spa

Move Mindfully

Reset and Rejuvenate

The Scandinave Spa is where you’ll find an immersive (and silent) spa experience. The benefits of the hot / cold therapy favour the bold, so it’s right up your alley. Set in the forest and complete with hammocks, a steam room, sauna and a nutritious cafe, it’s relaxation at its finest.

The baths at Scandinave Spa IN Whistler

The baths at Scandinave Spa. PHOTO CHAD CHOMLACK

Have an Adventure

Dine Out

Whistler has a very health-conscious community. Because of this, you’ll find most restaurants have keto, paleo or other nutrition plan friendly menu items. Find your lean protein, fresh from the coast, at renowned seafood restaurants like Araxi, Bearfoot Bistro and Sushi Village.

For the Blissful

You are intuned with your body, mind and soul and what you’re intuiting is that you need time and space to connect. It’s the time of year to celebrate new growth and longer, light-filled days, what better place to do that than in nature-abundant Whistler. While this place does offer high-octane adventure, there’s a slower, quieter undercurrent that draws people here. Whistler has always been a place for those seeking their own path, where will it take you?

Woman meditating at a lake in Whistler

A perfect place to tune-in. PHOTO MIKE CRANE

Treat Yourself

  • Get an aura tune-up with a Reiki treatment at Avello Spa
  • Balance your emotional, mental and spiritual body at an Acutonics Sound Healing session with Healing Hands Whistler
  • Restore your entire nervous system with ila kundalini, a combination of essential oils, chakra healing and massage techniques offered at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge

Mindful Movement

  • Practice yoga at a studio, the Audain Art Museum or outdoors, you’ll find a plethora of styles and lengths of classes on offer
  • Rise with the sun and paddleboard across a still, misty lake as you take in the mountain views

Reset and Rejuvenate

Meditate solo lakeside or join a guided meditation at Yogcara or the Whistler Public Library. With the fresh mountain air, we highly recommend taking your pranayama practice outside. 

Man standing on a fallen cedar tree in Whistler

The incredible Ancient Cedars trail. PHOTO JUSTA JESKOVA

Have an Adventure

Dine Out

Whether you’re flexitarian, vegan or somewhere in-between, available options are not something you need to worry about. Almost everywhere has at least one dish catering to vegan and veggies, see our Insider’s Guide: Vegan and Vegetarian Eats to find the restaurants that go above and beyond.

Fruit smoothies lined up at The Green Moustache

When they all look this good, it’s hard to choose. PHOTO THE GREEN MOUSTACHE

Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to pick dates. For the month of June, book any 2+ night stay and receive a free $50 voucher for select wellness offerings, details at

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