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3 Apr

Gone Postal: Top 5 WSSF Events To Look For

My first April in Whistler is officially when I fell in love with this funny little town. The ’98 Westbeach Classic big air was the scene, Kevin Sansalone took home the oversized novelty check for best hucky-spinny-thing (b/s rodeo 7’s if I remember right), go-go dancers were hula-hooping on the jump, and Pennywise played a killer show while dodging a storm of snowballs and fireworks someone eventually started shooting into the crowd.

I remember some nudity as well, but I’m trying to block that out.

To that point in my life it was the best night of my life and, as spring-after-spring has proven since, April in Whistler is not to be missed. And by “April” I mean the season ender party of parties, The World Ski Snowboard Festival.

The WSSF is 10 days of party, shred, and art and, while the punk rock has been traded in for hip-hop, I guarantee your April will never be the same. Here are the top 5 WSSF events I’m looking forward to this year:

1. Nas

I’m a closet gangster, I freestyle in the shower, and I used to rock a doo-rag during the Forum 8 days. I’m actually pretty amped to see this show and I’m curious what will happen if anyone throws a snowball at the stage. My guess is Nas shows the unlucky snowballer which block he’s from.

2. Yuca

I’ve seen Yuca perform a few times and they’re really good. The best part though, the lead singer looks like Axle Rose and this alone is worth the price of admission. Check out the entire sched of free concerts here.

3. Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown

If you can win tickets to this event, bribe a friend to sell you theirs, or in someway or another figure out a way into this SOLD OUT event, do it. Pro photog’s put together a short slide show choosing from their entire body of work and then let us ohhh, ahhh, and cheer through some of the most stunning action-sports photos you’ve ever seen.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Scott Serfas show from last year.

4. Intersection

Three years running for Voleurz? We shall see. With 7 days to produce a 5-7 minute snow-sports movie, it’s amazing to see the films made on such a tight deadline. Last year’s winner spoofed The Art of Flight and was just as entertaining.

5. Snowboarding Big Air

The finale and my fave event of the WSSF, riders put it on the line, throw down for cash and glory, and the winners walk away with more than a bar tab or next month’s rent. With twenty-five g’s on the table you know the shred show is bound to get good. Not only that, Swollen Members will be playing live during the event and if the stars all align, hopefully there will be fireworks, hula-hooping, and the normal April festivities to follow a big air event.



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