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6 Jul

Insider’s First Look: The Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge

Whistler Peak has always been home to some of the most breathtaking views in town. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Whistler Blackcomb found a way to make your visit to the Peak even more unforgettable – the new Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge is now open and ready for you to explore.

Whether you’re an alpine hiking regular, or you’re coming for your first visit, you’re going to want to add a trip to the suspension bridge to your summer bucket list.

Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge and Lookout (Under Construction)

A new view on a familiar spot. PHOTO MEGAN WILSON

How to Get to the Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge is located right beside the top station of Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain. Access is included in your PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Summer Experience ticket, so you can make this trip part of a full day of adventure.

From the valley you can either upload from Skiers Plaza via the Whistler Village Gondola, or from Creekside via the Creekside Gondola and Big Red Express. If possible I recommend uploading from Creekside. You’ll not only get to enjoy free parking, but the lines will also be smaller, and you will be treated to an open-air chairlift ride. (Creekside access for hikers is new this year, introduced while the new lifts are being constructed).

Whistler Blackcomb Suspension Bridge

When your journey is just as scenic as the destination. PHOTO MEGAN WILSON

From the top of either of these upload options it’s a quick hike down to the base of the Peak Chair. It’s worth noting that if you choose not to hike down on one of the alpine hiking trails you’ll have to walk back up to the Roundhouse to get home. It’s not a huge hike, but it can be challenging after a day of adventuring. Make sure to take some water and snacks, leave plenty of time to walk back and forth, save energy for the return trip and take lots of breaks on your way out.

Sunset over the Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge

From dream, to dreamy reality. The Peak Suspension Bridge is open to explorers. PHOTO JARED WILSON / @instakoots

What to Wear

When planning for you day you should plan an outfit not only for style, but also comfort. The alpine is typically a few degrees colder than in Whistler Village (see the village vs alpine weather forecast here), so make sure to pack layers, and remember to wear good shoes suitable for hiking. For full advice on what to wear check out this article on hiking gear.


Whistler Mountain Bridge

The incredible view will give you chills, but so may the weather. Remember to pack layers for comfort. PHOTO MEGAN WILSON

What it’s Like to Walk the Bridge

I really like this bridge because of its easy access and stunning views. The design of the bridge feels very secure with fully closed in sides, and small holes on the grating bottom grating. I will note that it does sway a bit when walking – not enough to be scary, but good to know before you get on.

If you’re not big on heights you can still check out the bridge from solid ground and enjoy the endless views from the Peak.

Whistler Peak Bridge

Always a hand rail in reach to get you across. PHOTO MEGAN WILSON

When to Go

The Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge is now open for the summer. I recommend starting your day early for the best experience. There will be less people up top and the light will be better for photos. Remember to check the hours of operation before planning your day, get your PEAK to PEAK 360 Experience tickets ahead of time and check out our guide to alpine sightseeing for more handy tips and FAQ.

Whistler Blackcomb Bridge

The early bird gets the worm. Upload early for the best experience. PHOTO MEGAN WILSON

What’s Open and What’s Next

As of publication date, the bridge is open for visitors to walk on and enjoy. There is some construction on and around the lookout which is currently closed.

In the coming weeks the lookout on the far end of the bridge will be opening. In the master plans there will also eventually be a cantilevered larger lookout also added to the far end of the bridge.

Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge

More to come! Stay tuned for the new lookout this summer. PHOTO MEGAN WILSON

More to Explore

The suspension is only one of many incredible experiences on the mountain. Here are a few other activities you’ll love:

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