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15 Jun

Tech Tails: LogYourRun (Ride)

The LogYourRun app does just that: logs your runs. You see, this $1.99 app (which was once free) also tracks my bicycle rides. If I would have done further research I could have bought it’s sister app, LogYouRide. I failed at that and after the app’s purchased I learned about the one I REALLY needed. So, this app does what it says it will log your run OR log you bike ride. What you need to know about me is that I am a leisurely biker. I like to enjoy the scenery and ride with friends. My favourite places to ride are along flat surfaces, both trails and roads.  So, here are the rad features:

  • The app uses the built-in GPS on your phone to measure the distance you ride while showing you where you are/went (and can be uploaded to the online feature and shared). An example is the image below.
  • You have FULL control of the music player from within the app (on the iPhone).
  • There is a social media component, which allows you to share your activities on Facebook and Twitter (Note: I have yet to do this due to my novice riding ability).
  • You can customize the colour of the app. This isn’t a big “whoop” but if pink or blue motivates you more than green, you can change the colour of the app.
  • You create a detailed-ish profile (with your weight) and during/after your ride it tells you how far and fast you went and how many calories you burnt.
  • There is an integrated heart rate monitor that I never used nor do I know how to use it.

My least favourite feature is the fact that this app is meant for logging runs and not specifically tracking my rides.  Also, it doesn’t look very modern or sleek and it’s only available on the iPhone. It has training programs for runners so I can assume that the LogYourRide app has the same for bike rides. However, assuming makes an ass of u and me so unless I pay another $1.99, I will not know the truth.

Do I like this app? Yeah, I do! It’s now hot pink and tells me where I rode and my fitness progression (a.k.a calories burnt).  I recommend this app for runners and if you want to use it for training your bike rides, just buy the LogYourRide app. I would give this app 3 out of 5 bites of cheesecakes due to my lack of research and using a running app to track my bicycle frolics. It does make me feel like an athletic superstar when I know how far I have biked after one ride:

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