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19 Aug

Watching the Universe Unfold with Whistler Photographer David McColm

A master of the night skies, David McColm is one of Whistler’s best known photographers – and for good reason. He spend hours in the alpine, patiently recording the night skies. The result? An incredible collection of stars, time lapse photos of groomers dancing and the moon rising and setting over the mountains.

Videographer Brian Hockenstein rode with David on a night out in Whistler’s alpine to see how he captures those incredible images. Part photographer, artist and philosopher and one of the most dedicated locals out there – you’ll want to come along for this ride.

Follow David on Instagram (@dlmccolm) for a stunning selection of images, and if you want to learn more about shooting in the alpine, sign up for an Alpine Photography Tour. You can also catch David speaking about alpine photography on August 20 as part of the Educational Speaker Series held in the Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain.


One deep dark but oh so bright night in the Whistler alpine …

A post shared by David McColm (@dlmccolm) on Aug 9, 2017 at 10:54pm PDT

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