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16 Oct

10 Best Spots for Fall Photos in Montréal

Montréal in the fall is awash in a sea of colours. Pretty much the whole city looks stunning, but there are some spots that stand out as downright epic – as if Mother Nature planned a photo op. Here are 10 of our favourite spots for drop-dead gorgeous shots; make sure you check them out and tag us on your Insta posts! #MTLmoments #fallintomontreal


Just shy of the top of the pride of the city, Mount Royal, Beaver Lake is a man-made pond that turns into a skating rink in the winter. Before that, though, it reflects the surrounding trees in all their rainbow coloured splendour.


Not that we’re morbid or anything, but nothing will put you in a Halloweenie mood like a walk through the cemetery at the top of Mount Royal – the vegetation is gorgeous, and the graves are a fascinating way to get a piece of local history.


One of Montréal’s many amazing public markets, Marché Jean-Talon flanks Little Italy and is a picturesque outing where you can pick up all sorts of souvenirs, from local cheeses to specialty wines to cut flowers to beautify your hotel room.


Starting in Old Montréal, the Lachine Canal runs westward along the southern edge of the city and is a beautiful place to stroll or bike before the snow comes. The wide sky-scapes and surrounding trees will put on a show.


The Old Port of Montréal is replete with ambiance all through the year, and fall is no exception. Depending on which way you look, you’ll spy the impressive mass of the St. Lawrence River or the decorative beauty of 18th century architecture all around you.


Parc Jean-Drapeau is a vast park located on a couple of islands in the St. Lawrence that are just a 10-minute subway ride away from downtown Montréal. Its pièce de résistance? Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome, which houses a biology museum.


This central Montréal neighbourhood is perhaps the most typically Montréal in its architecture: small workman’s houses with wrought iron spiral staircases, all carefully cared for by their residents and often painted bright colours.


Right in the heart of the Plateau, this nice big park features lakes, an outdoor theatre, a dog park and lots of places for kids to play and trails for bigger kids to jog. It’s a bustling hangout on weekends, even through the winter.


Giving onto Saint-Denis Street on the Plateau, this pretty spot is typical of Montréal squares, which feature public works of art, possibly a fountain, and lots of comfortable benches to sit and ponder amid carefully cultivated natural beauty.


This pilgrimage site is one of the city’s most famous icons, and not the least because it’s so photo-friendly. Catch it in shining daylight to see the surrounding trees ablaze in colours, or at dusk to catch the cross as its lights turn on – even later, the Stations of the Cross are illuminated in bright hues.

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