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14 May

10 Reasons Why Formula 1 Grand Prix In Montreal Is The Party Of The Year


Why is Grand Prix Weekend (June 6 – 8) in Montreal the party of the year? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Three Days of Non-stop Adrenaline


From June 6 – 8, 2014, Montreal turns into a wicked fast party of non-stop adrenaline pumping fun. People take to the track, streets, clubs, and bars to have a great time, giving the city an electric vibe you’ll never forget.

2.Delicious Drinks Beautiful People On Terraces


From sun up to sun down, the terraces of Montreal are in full-swing with beautiful people sipping sangria, popping bottles, and downing cocktails. Check out this list of great terraces in Montreal!

3. Really Fast Expensive Cars


Let’s not forget that the real reason for Formula 1 Grand Prix is not the glitz, glamour, and crazy partying, but to see really fast, really expensive cars in action. These high-octane cars are some of the most expensive four-wheeled machines money can buy!

4. Celebrities Galore

montreal formula 1 grand prix celebrities jennifer lawrence

The Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada attracts many A-List celebrities to Montreal for the weekend. Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy, Hugh Grant, Rihanna and Drake have all been spotted on the race track!

5. Champagne Showers


The victory celebrations during the podium ceremony of Formula 1 Grand Prix always seem to include champagne showers. Open wide and let the good times roll!

6. Nightlife Is On Steroids

crecent street montreal

Montreal’s nightlife is infamous around the world for being way too much fun. During Grand Prix Weekend, the fun is on steroids. Check out our post “Hotspots To See Be Seen At During Grand Prix” for some nightlife tips!

7. Special Grand Prix Events Around The City

The whole city goes Formula 1 crazy during Grand Prix weekend. There are plenty of special events to attend, like the super exclusive party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel! Find a list of some more special events here.

8.  Watch History In The Making


Some of Formula 1′s biggest wins–and biggest crashes–have happened on the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit. There’s even a corner located right off the starting line dubbed “The Wall Of Champions” known for a hairpin turn that has caused some pretty spectacular wrecks.

9. Fine Dining At The Best Restaurants



The chefs of Montreal’s top restaurants have a gastronomic field day preparing special menus for the flocks of VIPs that dine during Grand Prix Weekend. Check out our post of “Where to Eat Like A VIP During Grand Prix” for some suggestions!

10. Something For Everyone


The Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal is very family friendly, and there’s something for everyone to do! Race on a simulator, grab a great meal with new friends, and see the sights of Montreal! Check out our post “Family Fun in Montreal During Grand Prix Weekend” for some ideas of what to do with those under the age of 18!

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