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12 Apr

12 #MTLMOMENTS photos confirming that Spring Is Here


Spring is finally here! (Well… mostly.) There might be a few mounds of snow hanging around, but the grass is poking through, and you can tell the tree leaves are aching to come out and chill with us for the summer. Here are 12 springtime #MTLMOMENTS Instagrams, only a few of which contain some super stubborn snow…


Hey look, they found some flowers! Unfortunately they’re not outside, but inside Westmount Library’s stunning greenhouse. (Photo by hebdomania)


With the sun sticking around longer each day, it’s time to grab your bike and see the city on wheels! (Photo by yellowillow)


The ice that covers the Old Port has finally melted. This calls for a celebratory sangria. (Photo by tobrook)


Bad Spring Poem: The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, the grass is green, and that little patch of soon-to-be-gone snow is grey… Hooray! (Photo by coraliedpn)


Livin’ the latte life at Pikolo Espresso Bar. (Photo by melinadeboston)


Behind the frost is a glimmery sliver of spring. (Photo by antoinecoallier)


A beautiful photo of a cute pink umbrella. The rain is welcome, Montreal always needs a good wash after winter. (Photo by lerause)


Montreal’s historic and ornate City Hall glows during twilight. (Photo by robyntsounis)


This stately puppy has his ears perked up for the first sounds of spring on Mont-Royal: The drums of Tam Tams and the chatter of squirrels. (Photo by creationskascha)


Lending a hand during the bagel making process. Can’t you smell these through your screen? Yum. (Photo by pattelarouche)


The #MTLMOMENTS frame on Mont-Royal. (Photo by datminou)


Yes, even the local pigeons are happy that spring has finally arrived. (Photo by marcdanis)

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