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8 Sep

12 Ways to Fall For Arts in Whistler

There’s a natural desire after the hectic, long days of summer to chill out a little, and when the weather turns all rainforesty in fall – think cool, damp, amazing clouds – sometimes staying indoors seems more enticing than layering up and splashing about in the forest (although that’s kinda fun too).

Before you tumbledown the Netflix-popcorn-and-cat-cuddles wormhole, know there are options! Enter Fall for Arts, a world of exciting, social and mind-expanding events and activities happening all through autumn, all put together by Arts Whistler. Stretching from September through to December, Fall for Arts encompasses music, visual and culinary creativity of all kinds. It’s for lookers, listeners and doers, a kaleidoscope of creativity, a chance to learn new skills and an open door into a community of like-minded people who like to think, sing, appreciate art and even get a little paint on their hands.

Intrigued? Here’s 12 ways to get into Fall for Arts – guaranteed to stop you from waking up on the couch at Christmas with the cat on your head and popcorn in your PJs:

Live Music in Whistler Village Square


1. Tap your feet at the Hear and Now Music Festival

September 23 – 24, 2017

Back for the second year in a row, Whistler’s local music festival will fill the Village Stroll and local venues with tunes. More Information.

2. Join the party for the BC Culture Days Launch Weekend

September 28 – Oct 1

This year Whistler is proud host for the BC Culture Days launch, a province wide program celebrating arts and culture. All eyes will be on the Audain Art Museum for the official opening shindig September 28, but all of Whistler’s venues will be involved over the weekend so plan to stay. More Information.

Fall for Arts kick off party


3. Take a workshop or art class

Various dates and times

From writing to home décor and painting  classes, now is the time to let your creative side shine. Don’t think you have one? Sometimes it takes a little guidance to find the confidence to create, and having an expert take you through the basics is  the best place to start. Check out Arts Whistler’s workshop calendar for a Whistler-wide collection this fall.

4. Tantalize the tastebuds at a culinary event

Various dates and times

Cooking, brewing, baking, distilling – food and drink is another world of creativity. The best part? It requires your tastebuds to be fully appreciated. Top picks are the Whistler Village Beer Festival (September 13 – 17) and Whistler Cornucopia (November 9 – 19) for all things edible, with the Whistler Farmers’ Markets on through til October for more tasty treats.

Crime Writers Lunch at WWF


5. Revel in the written word at the Whistler Writers Festival

October 12 – 15

Whether you like to read or wrangle words, our local writer’s fest offers four days of events of all kinds. Meet your favourite author, learn how to self publish, take a screenwriting workshop or dive into young adult fiction. Welcome to a wonderful world of word wizardry… Learn More.

6. Plan a ‘Gallery Day’

Year Round, Various Locations in Whistler

Open through the year, Whistler’s art galleries offer an impressive selection of artworks across the genres to view or purchase. Take a day to explore them all, keeping an eye out for special exhibitions and artists-in-residence working live. Luckily most galleries are within a short walk of a café, patio or brewery so you can take refreshments as required and mull over the original works you’ve seen.

The Plaza Galleries, Whistler, BC


7. Find movie magic at the Whistler Film Festival

November 29 – December 3, 2017

Renew your love for the silver screen. Visit for the film fest and catch a stunning series of flicks, chosen for being both interesting and outstanding in their fields. And if you’re in the industry, there’s a host of events designed for learning, networking and inspiration. Learn More.

8. Read a book

Anywhere you like, any time

When was the last time you sat down and read a good book? Fall is the time, when you can read outdoors in the sun, or in a cozy lounge with a brandy at your elbow. Pop into the Whistler Public Library or Armchair Books for the latest good reads. The Whistler Writers Festival also has events for readers – check it out!

Audain Art Museum as part of the cultural connector


9. Walk the Cultural Connector

Whistler Village, Anytime You Like

Linking Whistler’s arts and culture venues, public art, green spaces and village in an easily strollable path, the Whistler Cultural Connector is a magical mini-journey waiting to be discovered at your leisure. There’s so much to see, you might want to split this into sections so you can take each venue in your own time.

We Heart Local Art Program Whistler


10. Discover hidden works of art

Anytime, Whistler’s Shops, Village and Valley Trail

Did you know hidden about Whistler we have an impressive selection of artworks, both out in public and in stores thanks to Arts Whistler’s We Heart Local Art program? There’s plenty in Whistler Village, but it’s also worth heading out on the Valley Trail to find those further afield, in Creekside, Function Junction and beyond (use the Arts Whistler cultural map to find them). You’ll likely stumble across a mountain view on the way.

11. Take a tour

Various dates and times, various venues

There’s no better way to get to know the big venues like the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre (SLCC) and the Audain Art Museum than a tour with a knowledgeable guide or docent who can lead you through the collections.  Learn more about the Audain’s Walk and Talk Tours and the various tours at the SLCC – some with a craft or tea included. There’s also photography tours running in the village along with more self-directed walking routes. Learn more.

Audain Art Museum, Whistler


12. Take home a hand-made artisan creation

Various dates and times, at Whistler’s markets

From leatherwork to fused glass creations, paintings, prints and preserves – the Whistler Farmers’ Markets offer a colourful selection of hand-made goods for sale, and they continue through to October. After that, the Arts Whistler Holiday Market (November 25 26) is the ultimate place to shop, filling two massive rooms at the Whistler Conference Centre with unique gifts right before holiday shopping time.

BONUS:  Join in Many, Many More Events

Various dates and times

While we tried to show you a selection of what’s on, this post by no means covers the complete range of things happening during Fall for Arts. We’d recommend staying connected via Arts Whistler, and the event calendar has a comprehensive list of all things on in the resort as well as the arts.

Sea to Sky artist Jessa Gilbert painting


Even if there isn’t an event on, there’s plenty of ways to get into Fall for Arts. Grab the Arts Scene guide, pick up a copy of the Culture Maps and your very own guide to the Cultural Connector at the Whistler Visitor Centre.

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