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26 Nov

3 good reasons to hit up the Winter Farmers’ Market Saturday

If you figured farmers’ markets were over when the season turned, think again. The Winter Farmers’ Market is going strong in the east parking lot of Nat Bailey Stadium every Saturday now through April 28, with the exception of Dec. 24, and 31.

I called Vancouver Farmers’ Market headquarters to get the top Winter Farmers’ Market headlines. They gave me the lowdown on three unmissable features at the market tomorrow—including details on what’s in season now, organic Christmas trees and a Community Supported Agriculture Fair. Here’s what I found out:

1) Score seasonal produce

Beets, cabbage, apples, potatoes and squash are all super abundant right now. Beets are a unique source of betalains—shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that facilitate detoxing. Cabbage is good for vitamins C and K, not to mention rocket-launching fiber levels.

When anyone says apple, I think: pie. Here’s a killer Dutch apple pie recipe, which won Van Farmers’ Markets’ recent Harvest Festival pie contest. I leave you to bake, boil or mash squash and potatoes as you will.

The Bees Knees Christmas tree farm in Cultus Lake

2) Obtain a rare, organic Christmas tree

Oh, (sustainable) Tannenbäume! I’ve heard a lot of eco-aware couples duking it out over whether or not to buy a Christmas tree. Here’s a handy compromise: The Bees Knees Christmas tree farm, one of the few tree growers in Canada that follows organic farming methods, will be selling at the Saturday market.

The Bees Knees’ trees are chemical and pesticide free, not to mention grown using sustainable methods that preserve the ecosystem on their property in Cultus Lake.

3) Meet local producers at the Community Supported Agriculture Fair

The Community Supported Agriculture Fair is an incredibly worthwhile educational initiative taking place at the Winter Farmers’ Market this Saturday. Nine local producers, including a beef rancher and a fisherman, will be on hand to explain the perks of CSA.

CSAs involve a partnership between consumers and producers in which consumers pay a set price to the producer per season, buying a share in the harvest. In return, members receive a weekly box of the farm’s produce throughout the season.

Winter Farmers’ Market: Saturdays, now through April 28, (with the exception of Dec. 24, and 31), in the east parking lot of Nat Bailey Stadium, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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