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23 Jul

5 Montréal essentials: Totes

If only to lug around your other Montréal possessions, a nice canvas tote is a must in anyone’s everyday wardrobe. Plus, they’re often the most affordable way to sport a designer label! From the silly to the scintillating, here are five totes that carry Montréal’s torch.

I_like_mapsI Like Maps

It may not be quite detailed enough to help you find your way, but it’ll certainly put you on the style map! This fashionable tote by I Like Maps is brightly printed on both side on 100% spun polyester fabric, for ultra durability no matter how many goodies you fill it with.

Find it on Etsy here. Ships worldwide.


Jules_mon_poisson_bulleJules Mon Poisson Bulle

In the cutest darn tribute to Montréal’s creepy crawlies ever seen, this series of totes conceived by artisan Isabelle Aubut lets you choose between four designs. Whether you favour the squirrel, the pigeon or the skunk, each bag features a snap closure and is made from 100% cotton and silkscreen printed with water-based inks.

Find it on Etsy here. Ships worldwide.


Cafe_pressCafé Press

There are hundreds of cute Montreal-themed totes on Café Press, but this one feeds our need for a laugh. Advertise your love of La Belle Ville in an insider’s way with this heavyweight natural canvas carryall complete with full side and bottom gusset and reinforced handles for guaranteed sturdiness.

Find it online here.


La_montrealaise_atelierLa Montréalaise

Boasting its nationalistic pride in the colours of the Quebec flag, this zipper-topped tote is embellished with the logo of local fashion brand La Montréalaise. At 20-inches long and 15-inches tall, it’s a roomy beaut, complete with interior pocket.

Find it online here, or order it there and pick it up in person at the La Montréalaise workshop (they will send you the coordinates).


WANTWANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

In the mood to treat yourself? You couldn’t do better, tote-wise, than with the beautifully crafted Orly bag by Montréal brand WANT; it’s collapsible into a tight little roll, ready to unfurl to its full 17 by 14 inch size. It’s made of organic cotton and also comes in black.

Find it online here, or at the WANT Apothecary at 4960 Sherbrooke Street West.



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