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6 Feb

5 of the Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Squamish

hero pad thai

1. Sushi Sen
The staff at Sushi Sen have kids dining dialled with training chopsticks, kids cutlery and character-themed dinnerware.
Bonus: Pocky!

2. The Living Room
Burgers and fries are a safe bet for kids dining at The Living Room restaurant where the portions are generous and the ice cream is included.
Bonus: The candlelit booths are roomy enough to make you feel like you’re on a date night (if even for only a moment).

3. Spice Root
Pineapple fried rice and Thai fried noodles make this  kids’ menu look just as good as the adults’.
Bonus: Bottomless milk, juice or pop.

4. Howe Sound Brew Pub
Fish and Chips, Mac and Cheese and three kinds of pizza are some of choices for kids at the Howe Sound Brew Pub. Kids are permitted in the pub area until 9pm.
Bonus: Juice is only $1 which leaves more room on your bill for that second pint of ale.

5. White Spot
We can’t deny this family-favourite since 1928. Colouring and activity sheets, Pirate Paks, Berry Waffles and gold coins make White Spot an easy choice for kids of all ages.
Bonus: There are 675 different Pirate Pak combos! That in itself is a perfect while-you-wait activity.

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