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5 Feb

8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with a Whistler Twist

If you are looking for last minute, foil-wrapped, cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts, turn away now. Here at the Insider we’re ditching the mass-produced in favour of something a little different. This year we’re suggesting you find gifts as special and unique as your partner, something that will help you get to know them better and give your loved one the time and space they need to rest and grow.

The nice thing is that not every gift has to cost the earth – sometimes the best gifts take more brainpower than budget, and a little thought can go a long way. Without further ado here are 10 ideas for gifts that focus on giving something truly precious, instead of another possession.

  1. A Day of Complete Relaxation

  2. The antidote to modern life, the massage and spa combination is still hard to beat. Throw in a beauty treatment or go along for a couple’s massage for a different spin on the theme.

  3. ‘Me’ Time

  4. This could be as simple as buying their favourite book and giving them a whole day in peace to read it, or taking the kids out while your partner chills out. Whatever provides them space to do something they love, just for themselves.

  5. A Shared Adventure

  6. A tandem bungee jump, a race on paired ziplines, a sunset snowmobile tour – spice things up with a shared adventure neither of you have tried before. That’s what memories are made of.

  7. Break Bread Together

  8. A shared meal is the classic date idea, but there are more than fine dining options available to you. How about fondue, or champagne on the mountain, or discover a new sweet treat, or even a snowshoe date with a surprise picnic?

  9. A Good Sleep In

  10. A night in a fancy hotel room is hard to beat – just remember to get late checkout so you don’t have to rush. Or just stay another day.

  11. A Gentle Walk

  12. When was the last time you just hung out together? Places like Whistler Village are ideal for this wandering where you will, hand in hand. And with plenty of patios along the way you can always grab a little bubbly by the fire to celebrate love and life.

  13. Boost Their Confidence and Skills

  14. Never underestimate the power of giving someone the opportunity to learn or expand their interests. Whether it’s an advanced ski camp or a box of drawing pencils, these gifts are like saying ‘I believe in you’.

  15. The Gift of Time

  16. This might just mean taking a couple of days off, going somewhere new and turning off the work email. Time to get back to being a couple rather than just overlapping schedules.

  17. Bonues: The Gift of Commitment

Are they the one? Taking the next step is incredibly daunting, but when it’s the right thing to do, you know it. Whatever you do, make that proposal unique – you’ll only get one shot, make it count!


If you’re still in the early phases of dating, check out our first dates article for courtship advice the Whistler way. For assistance to create a romantic getaway, the folks over at would love to help you out.


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