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29 Apr

A goodbye – things that make me love Vancouver


It’s with a heavy that I say this will be my last post for Inside Vancouver. Work is taking me out east, to Toronto. And while TO is technically my hometown and place of birth, Vancouver is where my heart is happiest and where I truly feel at home. And on that note, I present to you a list of the things that make me love this city with a passion I never knew was possible until the moment I stepped foot here more than 10 years ago.

It inspired this scene in my favourite movie, Best in Show

The film was shot in Vancouver so there’s no mistaking where the reference came from: until last year, there were Starbucks kiddy-corner to each other at the corners of Robson and Thurlow.

The East Van Cross


There’s something a little badass about this symbol and its history, which makes it all the more mesmerizing. Having lived in East Van for the full 10 years I’ve been in Vancouver, there’s a closeness and pride felt amongst it residents. The East Van cross is our symbol to bare.

The Dog Parks

My love of this city’s dog park is no secret. I’ve never met a friendly bunch of people than at these parks. As a result I’ve made new friends, scored work and been asked out on dates just by hanging at the park with my dog.

Third Beach

Picking a favourite beach is like picking a favourite child, but if I really had to choose one, Third Beach would be it. I think it’s a combination of the attractive people who spend their summers here, the view of the North Shore, and the seawall/forest bike trail it takes to get there.

False Creek Seawall

IMG_9203 I’ve written about the seawall a few times before, but really, it doesn’t get old. I walk along it at least twice a week with my dog and there are always new details to discover – the names of boats docked at the marina, community garden projects, unintentional art.

The Richmond Night Market

My summer is not complete without a visit to this wondrous event. I usually don’t eat the whole day, bring $20 and fill myself up in 15 minutes flat. I’ve also seen some pretty jaw-dropping entertainment, including karaoke and break dancing competitions. I’ll be sure to make a point of checking out the new Chinatown Night Market when I come visit in the summer.

What  are some of your favourite places and things about Vancouver? Leave a comments below!

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