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6 Sep

A look inside Awesome Media Network sponsor, TELUS

The newest site in the Canada Is Awesome network, BC Is Awesome, is now into its second week of in-depth stories on Community Sponsor, TELUS.



The series kicked off with editor-in-chief, Bob Kronbauer, sharing THIS personal story about how this Canadian company has helped foster our network over the years.



The series then moved on to stories of the CULTURE OF GIVING in the company, then on to INFRASTRUCTURE.



THIS LATEST PIECE is about how focusing on sustainability isn’t just good for the planet, but it’s actually good for business as well.

telus3 (1)


There are still a few more posts left in the current series, so bookmark B.C.I.A. now and follow them at @BCIAwesome to keep up to speed with TELUS and all things Awesome in British Columbia moving forward!

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