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22 Dec

A Night Out in Whistler: 25 Ways to Stay Entertained in the Evenings

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Posted by: Pip Campbell

Alta Lake at Night

It’s the winter solstice here in Canada which means we’ll see just over eight hours of daylight in Whistler today. It’s the shortest day of the year, but are we bemoaning the loss of daylight? Oh my, no.

Short days mean long nights, and we’re up to make the most of them here in Whistler.Here’s a list of unique ways you can spend a night out in our mountain town. There’s options for kids, adults and for the economically minded plenty of ideas that don’t cost a cent:


  1. Fire Ice Show
    Let’s start with a bang! Fireworks and fire dancers spark up Sundays and special occasions through winter, creating a light display where skiers and snowboarders leap through flaming hoops to music.
    Insider Info: Winter only. Wear warm clothes! Learn More
  2. Fire and Ice Show

  3. Family Après
    If the kids still have energy after a day skiing, Family Après might just be the ticket to help them burn off the extra energy. A rotating selection of Canadian outdoor family fun, where the kids performers and the Snow Zone provide all the entertainment you need, no planning required.
    Insider Info: Winter only. Warm outdoor clothing recommended. Learn More
  4. Indoor Climbing
    Change up your routine and work a few different muscles at Whistler Core Fitness, where they have a huge indoor climbing wall and all the equipment you need to take it on.

    Insider Info: Year Round. Lots of options including instruction, guided sessions and kids evening camps (perfect for parental date night) Learn More
  5. Escape! Whistler
    A real life, real time adventure, where you have to work as a team to solve puzzles to escape your room before the clock counts down. Four beautifully crafted, immersive rooms make this way more fun than TV and video games.
    Insider Info: Year Round. The more the merrier. Each puzzle needs different skills to solve, so there’s something for everyone on your team. Learn More
  6. A Night at the Movies
    That’s right, there’s a whole Village 8 Cinema tucked between the ski shops and art galleries, so if your favourite blockbuster comes out while you are on vacation you can still catch that flick.
    Insider Info: Year Round. Buy tickets online or early and have a pre-movie beverage at Three Below before the screening. Learn More
  7. Whistler Village Stroll

  8. Walk Talk
    Connection counts. Hanging out without a purpose is a bit foreign in our over-scheduled lives, but ditch the plans and give it a go. The beauty of the well-lit, pedestrian-only walkways in the Village, Creekside and the Valley Trail is you can go exploring with your crew even when it’s dark. Check out the shops and galleries, grab a drink or ice cream, find the bear statues and play in the snow or on the lawn at Whistler Olympic Plaza depending on the season.
    Insider Info: Year Round, but we love winter when there are holiday lights on display and you can snuggle up by a firepit.
  9. Look to the Skies
    Depending on the time of year, you can catch one of the incredible natural phenomena that happen in the night skies. Catch the alpenglow, see a meteor shower, glimpse the moon and the northern lights or simply take time out to gaze at the stars.
    Insider Info: Year Round, weather dependent. Head away from the village lights for the best views.
  10. Focus on Food

  11. Dine Out
    Treat yourself to a multi-course meal at one of Whistler’s award-winning restaurants and spend a night sampling exquisite dishes crafted by local chefs, paired with exceptional wines.
    Insider Info: Year-round, reservations recommended, leave room for dessert. Whistler Dining Guide
  12. Sushi Village

  13. Whistler Tasting Tours
    If you are new to Whistler’s culinary scene, there’s no better way to dive in than with a tasting tour, hosted by a food-obsessed local. It’s a gentle walk between several of Whistler’s best restaurants, sampling as you go and meeting new friends along the way.
    Insider Info: Year-round, lunch and dinner options available. Learn More
  14. Get Active

  15. Take A Tour
    The mountains don’t disappear when it’s dark, so why not explore their night side, too? Night snowmobile and snowcat tours in winter or ATV and jeep tours in summer are a great way to get outdoors. They’re often paired with a meal and a look at the Village lights from on high. For more on the wild side, think about twilight ziplining where you can zip into the dark like a moth…unless there’s a full moon to light your way.
    Insider Info: Year-round, changing depending on the season. Winter Activities
  16. Winter Activities

  17. XC Ski Under Lights
    Both Lost Lake Park and Ski Callaghan offer lit trails for night skiing. Lost Lake Park is close to the village so it’s easy to grab dinner then head out for a night ski. Ski Callaghan has a lodge for dinner, plus space for you, the dogs and the kids to toboggan and hang out around the bonfire.
    Insider Info: Ski Callaghan has $5 Wednesdays for part entry, rentals, food and more. BYO marshmallows. Learn More
  18. Expand Your Horizons

  19. Wine About Art and more at the Crystal Lodge Art Gallery
    Who says a night out has to end in empty wallets and regret? Here at the gallery you can have a drink, relax with friends and allow your creativity to flow. Haven’t done anything art-related since school? Even better – you’ll get a huge kick out of discovering your inner kid again.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Instruction provided. Don’t be shy, art is for everyone. Learn More
  20. Wine About Art Night

  21. Whistler Museum Speaker Series
    Keep an eye out on their event page for their speaker series, featuring everything from local heroes to historical videos and scientists working in the Whistler area. These nights are entertaining, informative and a chance to have a drink with long time locals among the museum exhibits.
    Insider Info: Year-round. You might meet a Whistler legend here. Learn More
  22. Whistler Public Library: Books and More
    Just a hop, step and a jump from the Museum is the beautiful library, which is open into the evenings a couple of times a week if you want to hang out and read. Keep an eye on their event calendar too, as they host evening lectures from professors at Quest University in Squamish, a selection of foreign films you won’t get in the cinema and Armchair Tours with local photographers.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Learn More
  23. Special Events
    Every festival that comes in to town brings with it a host of special evening events, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the calendar during your visit. Things like the fall ski movie premieres, the Samsung Deep Winter Challenge or the 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown at the World Ski Snowboard Festival only happen occasionally, but they’re nights out you won’t get anywhere else.
    Insider Info: Year-round. View Event Calendar
  24. Whistler Events

    Wind Down

  25. Spa Time
    A night out doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. Many of Whistler’s spas and wellness venues are open into the night, so you can spa, float or stretch out at a restorative yoga class and go to bed early for the best sleep of your life. You’ll be first in line the next day and have an excuse to laugh at the hungover strugglers.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Combine with time in nature to really find your balance. Learn More
  26. Drinks, With A Twist

  27. Bar Hop or Club Crawl
    Whistler has an impressive list of nightlife venues – bars, pubs, lounges, clubs, whatever takes your fancy. There’s a couple of ways to get express entry and deals that are also fantastic ways to meet new party buddies and have someone take care of all the details for you.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Groups welcome. Giv’r. Learn More
  28. Watch the Game
    It’s like your lounge room, only better. Catch your game of choice at one of Whistler’s sports-mad bars with the local favourites with big screens including (but not limited to) Tapley’s, Earls, Dusty’s and the Cinnamon Bear Bar Grill. All North American sports, soccer (aka football), even rugby depending on time zones.
    Insider Info: Year-round, with special screenings for big events like the Games, The World Cup, The SuperBowl and more. Learn More
  29. Lounge it Up
    Not a pub, not a club – Whistler’s lounges offer up a touch of culture and slightly different way to spend the long nights. Think literary greats sampling scotch and working on their next novel, or karaoke, jam and or comedy nights at the Crystal Lounge or a funky DJ and soul singer combination at The Cure at Nita Lake Lodge or Mallard Lounge at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.
    Insider Info: Year-round, check out the nightlife listing for special events. Learn More
  30. Visit a Brewery
    One two three – three breweries in Whistler! Sample the craft beer at the Whistler Brewhouse, Coast Mountain Brewing and Whistler Brewing Company and if your quest for beer is not satisfied, then there’s a whole range of other pubs carrying an excellent selection of craft beer.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Learn More
  31. Unique Drinks in Whistler

  32. A Night Out at the Bearfoot Bistro
    Why does this legendary local spot get single out, you ask? Because the Bearfoot is more than a restaurant, it’s a night out on it’s own that offers a couple of unique experiences – like the famous Vodka Ice Room, where you are handed a puffy goosedown jacket and step into sub zero temperatures to sample some of the finest vodka around. Then if sitting by the bar isn’t enough to get the party going, you can also learn how to sabre champagne…
    Insider Info: Year-round. Adults only. Try to keep up. Learn More
  33. Live Loud

  34. Live, Local Music
    From the toe-tapping musical shenanigans of Ruckus Deluxe to the funky beats of Tim Livingstone there’s no shortage of talented musicians and live and local music happening in Whistler. Ask a local for their favourite venue and choice of music to check out something new.
    Insider Info: Year-round, check out the nightlife listing for this week’s musical menu: Learn More
  35. Arts Whistler Live! Performances
    The folks over at Arts Whistler have a busy schedule of concerts over the winter time, ranging from blues and roots to classical guitar performances. It’s an eclectic menu of performances that means you might just discover something new.
    Insider Info: Year-round, check out the nightlife listing for this week’s musical menu: Learn More
  36. Dance the Night Away

  37. Whistler’s Nightclub Scene
    The club scene in Whistler is surprisingly deep. Literally, as most of the clubs are underground. From Old School Hip Hop nights to Dubstep, Deep House, Drum n Bass and Grime – if you are serious about music and DJ’s it’s worth keeping an eye on the events listings to see who’s coming to town. Again, make friends with a local to get the gossip on where the party is really going down tonight.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Learn More
  38. Whistler Nightlife

  39. Hot Tub Room Service
    Does it count as a night out, if you don’t have to get dressed for dinner? Maybe not, but if you’re in one of Whistler’s luxury hotels the service will be exceptional regardless of whether you are soaking in the hot tub or lounging in a robe. Go on – make it a night in.
    Insider Info: Year-round. Learn More

The day isn’t over until your head hits the pillow, so make the most of the darkness and get out there and giv’r. To find more information on where to eat, sleep and play in Whistler, visit

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