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27 Aug

A Sensual Feast – Feast In The Mountains, Wanderlust

A party in the park. A gathering of gourmands. Simply, a fun way to catch up with friends, old and new on a splendid August evening in Whistler is what describes Feast in the Mountains.

Saturday’s experience saw double the number of guests than on Friday, vendors remarked, and it was a perfect sampling of our town’s culinary offering. Some in jean shorts and others in ties, everyone came to enjoy the promised  feast. It was certainly that for the senses.

Rebagliati Park has always been that tucked away spot passed enroute to the market for me. A place to appreciate from the bridge as “cute.” Dressed with white linen tables, towering lilies and  background music, it was transformed into a stunning stage for Whistler , and BC’s gastronomic gems to play out for our audience.

Tasty morsels of Sidecut’s beef with house made rubs were in high demand as the lineup grew post a few wine and beer samples. Whistler Cooks Catering served up local bounty in a quinoa and Pemberton beet salad with their highly regarded Blackberry vinegarette.

The Hilton’s chefs kept to the terroire theme, scooping a decadent citrus mixture of ocean fresh Rockfish, Dungeness Crab, Quillicum Bay Scallops and BC Spot Prawns on to maize tacos for onlookers. Admittedly, I was personally distracted at this table though by a new found flavour of the grape variety….in vino form that is.

While the vineyard of  Covert Farms is not new in the Okanagan, the name is and so is the delightful MDC red to my taste buds. As any good park party goes, there was no shortage of wines to try and beers to admire. Even Whistler Brewery seemed to put on it’s best attire for the event with unique Function Juncton jugs laid out.

After a number of highly formal and serious considerations I assure you, I found my own personal highlight to the reception however. Kalala wines will certainly be on my hit list for “musts” when visiting the Kelowna area next. The wine was as friendly and smooth as the team serving it. Fine food, sumptuous spirits, and  a collection of companions seemed like the perfect way to bid  a fond farewell on this final weekend of August. A feast indeed for all the senses.

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