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29 Oct



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    The most important thing to remember when planning your Halloween guise is to find the balance between Witty-clever and Accidentally-sexy. It seems for the gays it’s not what you put on, but what you take off that makes a solid Halloween costume. It’ll be well worth the effort, as there is plenty going on Saturday Oct 27th (the day Montreal clubs decided was Halloween) to show-off the amazing craftsmanship of your homemade (and very last minute) tiny underwear and a binder full of women combo. Here’s what’s happening for the very scary LGBT Halloween!

    Montrealers love Halloween. So no matter where you go out this weekend you can expect to find lots of glamorous costumes and things to do. However few of them will compare to the grand daddy of gay Halloween parties than the one at Club Unity. Cover is only $2 for those dressed up, and there is a $1000 first place prize for best costume and $500 for the runner up. Just so you get an idea of the level of intensity required to win, the last time I went to Unity for Halloween the winner had working pyrotechnics on his Transformers inspired robot costume. Yet somehow, it was still kinda sexy. The theme this year at Unity is Mars vs. Earth, so may I suggest either Scantily Clad Alien, or a Sexy Curiosity Rover.

    Cirque De Boudoir will be hosting their hugely popular Halloween bash at the Darling Foundry this year on Saturday Oct 27th. The theme is “Iconic Villains Victims from Modern Horror Movie Classics” and aptly titled “A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER.” Tickets are $20 in advance or $30 at the door, with the VIP option going at $40 and $50 and are available online here. There will be performances, DJ’s, prizes, blood, gore, and glitter.

    Montreal’s Queer scene has a staple event getting in on the Halloween frights: Faggity Ass Saturday at Royal Phoenix. The name and details of the event are too scary (and naughty) to be posted here, so check out all the dirty details on the Facebook event page.

    Montreal Club Kids Sally Tyler will be hosting a special edition of GayBash on Saturday with the theme of “Blood Bath Beyond.” Cover is only $10 and the DJ’s at Gaybash are pretty much some of the best in the business. Let this be a warning: The people who go to Gaybash take the themes VERY seriously. So whatever your outfit, toss it in red and you’re good to go.

    The SAT (Societé des arts technologique) will be having a Voodoo Party in the Satosphere! One of the coolest venues in Montreal, this party is probably going to be pretty insane with not only DJ’s – but VJ’s as well that will be projecting on the Dome all evening. Tickets are $15 at the door and is expected to fill up fast so get there closer to 10 PM.




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