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9 Aug

ARTIST WORKSHOP: The Joy of Painting Plein Air with Acrylics, Jim McFarland

Arbutus Cove by Jim McFarlandArbutus Cove by Jim McFarland

Painting Plein Air (in the great outdoors) is a joy. To be in natural light with all of creation for a subject, what could be better for an artist! Jim is a plein air painter who has developed a technique of painting with acrylics.
The course will include discussion on visualizing the painting, techniques of how to set up a plein air painting, Jim’s technique of painting with acrylics complete with demonstration. Students will paint three paintings or more.
Jim McFarland is a Victoria-based artist, whose works and bio can be seen on the “Artists” page of our website.

Where: White Dog Studio Gallery, 1074 Millar Creek Road, Whistler
Cost: $275.00
Contact: 604-932-2205
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