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7 Mar

Arts Whistler Backdrop Sessions: Andrea Mueller

Arts Whistler has kindly let us share these fantastic videos introducing Whistler artists – you can see the original Backdrop Sessions post on The Gallery at the Arts Centre website.

If you’ve spent any time cruising around the village you’ve likely come across artist Andrea Mueller‘s vibrant paintings punching up the atmosphere in coffee shops and galleries. Her work speaks to many through it’s exploration of connection- between us, animals, memory, the environment and other themes. Not one to settle, she has an experimental attitude towards her work, trying new mediums and breaking all the rules like painting with your fingers. If you want to have as much fun creating as Andrea does you can sign up for one of her workshops too.

Andrea is a big supporter of the Whistler arts community and we have her to thank for producing the Backdrop Sessions series. You’re awesome Andrea!

Artworks by Andrea:

Fox Painting by Andrea Mueller

Owl, Acrylic Painting by Andrea MuellerWolf, Acrylic Painting by Andrea MuellerNext Last Polar Bear, Acrylic Painting by Andrea MuellerArts Whistler Backdrop Sessions: Andrea Mueller


Watch the other videos here:
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Check out Andrea’s website to see more of her work or visit  Moguls Coffee House in Whistler to view a selection of her paintings in person. Discover more Whistler art events and exhibitions at

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