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30 Mar

Attention Canucks Fans: New App Plays Goal Horn Whenever Canucks Score

Photo credit: FreeRishad | Flickr

Photo credit: FreeRishad | Flickr

The Vancouver Canucks haven’t been scoring a ton of goals lately. But the next time the puck slides into the net you’ll be sure to know, thanks to a nifty new app.

Released in December, the Live Goal Horns app blasts a recording of the Canucks goal horn to your phone – in real-time – every time the team scores.  That means you can be walking down the street, eating dinner, in an important meeting and all the sudden hear the satisfying bwaaaahhhhhh that marks another Canucks score. (You can see a YouTube video of the app in action here.)

The app is free to download, though you have to pay $.99 to buy the actual Canucks goal horn sound file, as heard in Rogers Arena.  The app can be customized so you get updates (and hear goal horns) for any (or all) of the NHL’s 30 teams.  The horn sound is followed by a push notification with the updated game score.

So far, the app is garnering positive reviews from hockey fans on the iTunes store (at this point, it’s only available for the iPhone).  Users have compared it to the Budweiser goal light, the game-synced red light you can order from the Budweiser web site that flashes every time your team scores.  One big difference, however, is that the Budweiser Red Light is $149, versus around $.99 for the Live Goal Horn App.

The app was developed by a small company based in Calgary called Outqube.  The company also has a similar app called We Scored! ($1.99) which follows the same basic premise but offers score updates for baseball, basketball and European soccer teams, as well as hockey, and plays stadium chants in addition to goal horns.

No word yet on whether the Live Goal Horn app developers are going to add video footage of the Green Men going crazy after a score … but that would be a nice touch. 

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