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29 Jul

Bait Bikes In Whistler – Sea To Sky Free Ride

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Best case scenario – ALWAYS LOCK YOUR BIKE! Photo courtesy Crankworx by Blake Jorgenson

A new anti-theft program called  the “Sea-to-Sky Free Ride” (S2S Free Ride) has been introduced by the RCMP in order to put the brakes on bike theft.

What: The S2S Free Ride will allow the RCMP to deploy special ‘bait’ bicycles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems around affected communities. This will allow for the bikes to be located, if stolen and to help identify those responsible.

Where: Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

When: The program has now been launched.

Why: Bike theft has steadily increased in the region over the past few years and Whistler alone averages approximately 4-5 bike thefts per week. This program was created to discourage thieves from targeting bikes and decreasing theft, as bikes can be a large investment.

How: Bait bikes will be placed around the communities and the RCMP will be monitoring each bike using GPS tracking.

Bike owners should take some basic precautions to help ensure that they are not victims of theft:

  • Lock your bike no matter how long you are leaving it. Often bikes are stolen within minutes of being parked. Don’t just trust the lock as they can be removed with minimal effort. Take the extra step and remove the seat or a wheel as an extra deterrent.
  • Secure underground parking lots at apartment/condo complexes are continually targeted. If you are required to store your bike in a designated area, consider multiple locking systems.
  • Avoid leaving your bike on or in your vehicle as thieves find ways into the secure underground parking lots.
  • Record serial numbers (no matter the value) so that they can be added to police computer records, helping bikes be identified as stolen property if located.
  • Photograph your bike, as a reference, to assist police in identification.
  • Document upgraded components or modifications made.

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