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27 Sep



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    Mont Royal Avenue starts from Avenue du Parc and crosses the Plateau borough from west to east all the way to Frontenac and beyond. The stretch centred around St. Denis and Mont Royal Metro Station is my favourite part, filled with boutiques, bars, and restaurants. On these still warm fall afternoons, what a great place to relax on a terrace and have a cocktail or two after work…

    PLAN B, 327 Mont-Royal Avenue East, (514) 845-6060

    Easily spotted nestled along Mont Royal by the unubtrusive red “B” that sticks out above the door. Inside is a classically styled bar where comfort and familiarity are key. This place has a vibe that just feels right, not fussy, not frilly. The owner says that their goal is the “make cocktails they way they are supposed to be made, the classic way” instead of “New York-izing them with extraneous syrups, fruits and junk”. Their terrace out back is lined with vines and cozy tables, even though I was there during the late afternoon, visions of an intimate midnight cocktail increased the allure of this Mont Royal staple!

    MISTO, 929 Mont-Royal Avenue East, (514) 526-5043

    Next stop along my Mont-Royal bar crawl was Misto! Playfully spelled “M!sto”. This is a restaurant bar that delivers on both the drinks and grub! The owner confidently states that he thinks Misto has the best carpaccio in Montreal! Judging by the picture below, it very well might be! Misto is perfect to grab a drink, and nibble on a little something to share with a group.

    The antipasto plate was perfect to pick at while enjoying one of their refreshing home concoctions. I had a deliciously deadly mix of tequila, cucumber, mint and simple syrup. It went down like water, to the dismay of myself and my dinner companions. Thank god for the food, because I had to prepare myself for bar #3.

    LE BOUDOIR, 850 Mont-Royal Avenue East, (514) 526-2819Last stop on our Mont-Royal bar crawl was Le Boudoir for a whiskey tasting. This place is about as chill as it gets. The service is attentive but not overbearing, the drinks are good but not too expensive, and the crowd is fun but not rowdy. Now, I’m pretty ignorant about whiskey, have never gone to a whiskey tasting before, nor do I even know the labels. So when I dumbly do the first two whiskey tastings like shooters, I bashfully look around while everyone else daintily sips on theirs. Oops. Le Boudoir, not only a bar, but a classroom as well! The perfect place to start, or end, your night. Cheers!A


    PLAN B BAR, 327 Mont-Royal Avenue East, (514) 845-6060

    MISTO, 929 Mont-Royal Avenue East, (514) 526-5043

    LE BOUDOIR, 850 Mont-Royal Avenue East, (514) 526-2819


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