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19 Jul

Beer Could Be Coming to Vancouver’s Cineplex Cinemas Fifth Avenue

Photo credit: rpb1001 | Flickr

Photo credit: rpb1001 | Flickr

Vancouver moviegoers may soon be able to enjoy a beer with their popcorn at one of the city’s larger theatres.

City council is currently considering granting a liquor license to Cineplex Cinemas Fifth Avenue. Located on Burrard Street, the five-screen theatre is owned by one of Canada’s biggest entertainment companies and would be the first multiplex in the city to allow drinking.

In an interesting twist, however, the 849-seat theatre would also become an adults-only venue under the new plan. Only 19+ patrons would be admitted into the cinema, where they could enjoy wine or beer from noon to 11 p.m., provided that movies are screening at the time.


A Cineplex VIP Theatre

Cineplex is already operating two of these adults-only “VIP” theatres regionally in Coquitlam and Abbotsford. In addition to serving alcohol, they offer upscale menu choices (from shrimp ceviche to an artisanal cheese board) and in-seat service, with special high-backed leather chairs for patrons. Plans call for similar upgrades at the Fifth Avenue location, part of a $2-million overhaul to attract a more mature audience.

Of course, other, smaller theatres in Vancouver are already serving booze to patrons.  The independent Rio Theatre on Broadway and Commercial Drive first applied for a liquor license in 2010. In 2012, it was finally granted, under the absurd condition that no movies could be shown if alcohol were being served. A public uproar led to an amendment of the province’s liquor licensing laws and the Rio paved the way for drinking in theatres.

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Moviegoers in Vancouver can also currently enjoy wine and beer at downtown’s Vancity Theatre, located in the headquarters for the Vancouver International Film Festival on Seymour Street in Yaletown.

City council is expected to issue a decision in the coming week on Cineplex Cinemas Fifth Avenue’s liquor license application.

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