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3 Dec

Best Greek Food in Montreal


The greatest thing about Montreal is that you can stand on any corner of the city, walk five minutes in any direction and before you ask yourself where you are, you’ll be trying to decide what to eat. Awesome dining and restaurant options in each and every neighbourhood exemplify the cultural diversity of Montreal and the delicious decisions one is faced with at any hungry moment. The strong Greek community in the city is proud to offer you choices no matter which part of the city you find yourself hungry in…


When you talk Greek food in Montreal the conversation starts with Milos. Situated in the heart of the Mile End, Milos has been a part of the Montreal culinary scene for the past 30 years. Their ethos is simple, “the best produce, the best wines, the best honey, the best yogurt, and above all, the best fish and seafood.” Milos’ menu is exceptionally refined to showcase the freshness of their products- be it their famous dry-aged rib eye (which is guaranteed to be 100% hormone and antibiotic free) or their endless sea bounty of fish and shell-fish, the heightened Milos experience is unparalleled.


In the Cote des Neiges area of the city you’ll discover this family run restaurant – Brochetterie Parthenon – who has been singeing taste buds off the locals with their fiery garlic tzatziki sauce and generous portions. This traditional mom and pop spot serves up rustic traditional dishes such as souvlaki in a pita, fried calamari and on special days “Papi” makes his moussaka – a delectable layered potato and eggplant dish that isn’t on the menu and have to ask for by name.   Remember to bring your own wine!

Back in the day the Parc-Extension area of Montreal was the hub and hot spot of all things Greek. Restaurant Souvlaki Village Grec has been in the neighborhood for over 37 year years serving up their famous doner pitas and brochettes. Featured in the press throughout the years, Village Grec prides themselves on doing things the traditional way without compromise – even if it means having over 50 items on the menu.

Namos Octopus

Namos is the Mile End is the reincarnation of the previous Greek restaurant that was handed down from father to son. Chef Peter Christopolous took over what was a successful Greek eatery, rebranded it and completely overhauled the menu to usher in a classic and traditional way of dining into 2013 and redefining it in the Montreal area.

Namos Saganaki

Namos focuses on meze style dining – Mediterranean tapas.  In a modern and trendy atmosphere, their amazing grilled Tunisian octopus and homemade pastitsio and spanakopita, has people making reservations from around the city. Make sure to save room for their made to order loukoumades, plump Greek donuts covered in honey.

Located in the Plateau Mont Royal area of the city, Tasso Bar a Mezze has been serving locals for over 29 years. Named after the owner’s older brother, this eatery continues the tradition of Greek fine dining with a modern flare. Unique to Tasso is their “epistosini” menu. Meaning “trust”, the epistosini menu is a multi-course chef’s tasting menu that highlights the day’s freshest produce – this explains why the menu is always changing as it’s based on availability of products.

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