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30 Nov

Best hotel for a staycation? You make the call!

The Burrard by Eric Newby

Staycations are more common than you’d think. I know because I looked up “staycation” and it was so legit, it was included in a real dictionary. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Whether you’re too swamped with work to leave town, can’t be bothered to clean your own apartment, bored with rainy season or looking for a special date night, there are some great hotels in town for an overnighter.

What makes an excellent staycation venue? A staycation hotel must have at least one of these elements: strong ambiance, awesome food/drinks and a better location than your own place. Read on to see my picks.

The Burrard

Sitting smack dab on Burrard, this renovated motor inn (built in 1956) reminds me of the hipster motel hotspots of cooler-than-thou Portland. Grab a budget-friendly, mid-century modern style room overlooking the verdant courtyard. Do free Nespresso shots and use the energy to zip around town on a complimentary Electra Cruiser bike, before you sleep it off in this prime location.

The Patricia

East Van has plenty to offer the night owl, but if you’re staying in the Patricia on Hastings, you can just camp out in Pat’s Pub on the main floor. Pat’s Pub brews their own sudsy, classic lager on site. Pair a sleeve with the monster, hand-cut burger or barbecue brisket, and enjoy the live tunes from Van’s raucous musical talent on Pat’s busy stage.  Don’t worry about a night bus home. Just take the elevator up to your room.


Tableau Bar + Bistro at The Loden

The Loden

This chic luxury hotel in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour contains the new Tableau Bar Bistro, which makes me feel like Ernest Hemingway in 1920s Paris.  It’s hard to go wrong with the French-inspired menu. Sip a classic aperitif like L’Amande Pastis or a La Bicyclette in a swank leather booth, while you consider moules frites versus beef bourguignon.

I’ve started listing my favourite hotel hotspots for a staycation. Help me out by adding your picks.

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