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    No matter what mundane, trivial task you might be doing, stop using your brain because there’s probably an App for it. It’s 2011 people! Ditch that dusty old Frommers, because this is travel in the time of iThings and ColorBerrys. Montreal is seriously connected, so check out the best Mobile Apps to inform, explore and aid you on your quest in around this city!

    MTL mobile : This is a must have App for any visitor or local alike. It’s an interactive timetable trip guide and to Montreal extensive metro and bus network. It instantly demystifies the entirety of the STM and puts everything you need to know right at your finger tips. You can always find your way back home with MTLmobile. Or at least find out you missed the last metro by 20 minutes.

    La Vitrine: This App is a long-needed gem. It’s a sleek and interactive cultural calendar of events, parties, shows and more! It has photos, videos, coupons and last minute details. So when you find yourself on the edge of a Saturday night, check La Vitrine and let it take you to the far cultural corners, the deep underground scenes and the best Montreal can offer.

    Hotel Le Crystal: This App brings service into the 21st century. Hotel Le Crystal has quickly become one of Montreal’s premier hotels, attracting movie stars, singers, and people with a taste for luxury. And this App kicks it up a notch. Not only does up offer up dinning, entertainment and hotspots in the area hand-picked by their concierge, but you can do seriously cool stuff like: order room service from their interactive menu, summon your car from the valet and even order a bathrobe to be sent to your room! Now that’s what I call five-star service with an iSmile.

    Wenite: Wenite is going to change my life. Wenite is a nightlife app that lets you know where the hottest parties, and most lively places are… IN REAL TIME! How it works is that people who are already in attendance vote for the place. If the crowd is dull and the music is lame, the place falls in the live rankings. If the vibe of the place is great, people can vote it up in the live rankings. It also offers up location specific special offers. For example, at l’Assommoir on Note Dame, once you vote you can show your screen to the waiter and get a special treat! The only thing I dislike about it is having the make an account for it to work, but you can also link it to your Facebook. Basically, never arrive at a party that is DOA again. But let’s be honest, Wenite can do what it does, but the party doesn’t really start until you walk in.

    Spotcycle: Montreal’s famous (or infamous) Bixi bike-sharing system as spawned dozens of iPhone, Android and Blackberry Apps. Most are the same, some are terrible, but after field-testing a bunch I’ve decided that Spotcycle is the cleanest, fastest and easiest to use out of all of them. It works with not only the Montreal Bixi system, but all Bixi-based systems around the world, from Melbourne to London! It also has a handy feature that most other Bixi Apps don’t have… a rental timer!

    QueerMontreal: This is the iPhone version of the handy website that is an up-to-date guide to Bars, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants in the Gay Village of Montreal! It’s easy to use and definitely informative if you’re looking to explore the Gay Village. The only thing I have a problem with is the $2.99 price point. If you have the spare change, this App is nice to have on hand. Otherwise, visit the site on your iPhone for the similar information.

    District Montreal: This App offers a new and exciting way to discover Montreal. From the best-kept secrets to neighbourhood favourites, this app is fun, fast and full of information. Continuously updated, it helps you to located green spaces, the underground and its art network, public washrooms and a series of really cool audio walks! So plug in, explore and learn unique things about Montreal!

    If you think I’ve missed any great Montreal-loving apps, please let me know about them in the comment section of this post!


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