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6 Nov

Beyond Indulgence – Learn at Cornucopia Nov 7-17

Those with aspirations of becoming the most informed, engaged and astute host, able to impress their guests with a profoundly expansive knowledge of all things wine, spirit and cocktail-related will want to explore the myriad of seminars at this year’s Cornucopia.

The Cornucopia Food + Drink Festival, presented by BlueShore Financial celebrates a great deal more than sipping and eating – there is much to be learned. Marking its 17th anniversary, Cornucopia expands to 11 days of programming this year, from November 7-17 and features the tastings, dinners and parties its followers have come to know and love, as well as the new Nourish health and wellness component and an enhanced educational element.

Whether your area of interest is with wines of British Columbia, South Africa, France or Argentina or if you desire the likes of craft beer and cocktails, or even if you prefer the taste of Scottish single malt, or if you choose to explore the ins and outs of the spirit worlds of gin, whiskey, absinthe and rum, Cornucopia’s menu of seminars offers something for all tastes.


Daenna Van Mulligan

Among some of the highlights, Don’t Judge a Grape by its Colour is presented by Daenna Van Mulligan (WineDiva) and aims to dispel preconceptions about chardonnay and pinot noir while Argentina: More than Malbec introduces guests to Argentina’s most significant winemaking regions and some of its lesser-known varietals. While Around the World in 80 Minutes, presented by Westender wine columnist Kurtis Kolt, takes guests on a whirlwind tour of major countries and grape varietals, with tips on how to read labels and recommenations for food pairings. Featuring 32 grapes and 16 countries, participants will sample 10 representative wines.


Craft Beer for Wine Lovers, presented by Kolt and DJ Kearny, pairs popular grape varieties like pinot noir, cabernet, Riesling and chardonnay with like-minded craft beers. Whether you love wine or beer – or both – this seminar is for you.

Those looking to drive their cool factor up a notch will not want to miss Classic Cocktails, presented by Joanne Sasvari and Shaun Layton, with insider tips on preparation and presentation, or Hair of the Dog Cocktails and Why They Work. But wait, there’s more! Spirit seminars include Scottish Single Malt Seduction, Gin: The Cocktail Chameleon, Whiskey: An American Tale, Absinthe – Risk or Reward and Bitter Bastards. Also at this year’s Cornucopia is the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Course – levels one and two.

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“All you need is Cheese”- Dairy Farmers of Canada

This fall, Dairy Farmers of Canada is introducing: All you need is cheese. An Excellent Source of Pleasure. Cheese is universally loved and is more than a family pleaser: it is a purveyor of pure pleasure, whether shared or eaten individually. Dairy Farmers of Canada will be showcasing a selection of cheese during the festival including new British Columbia cheese maker from Penticton – Upper Bench Cheese and their ” Upper Bench Gold ” and Fromagerie Medard from Quebec and their “Belle Mere” cheese and more.


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