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15 Apr

Biking in Whistler: Trail Update

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Posted by: Nikkey Ward

Guest Author: Peter Oprsal

When he’s let out of the tourism office Peter is also the main man behind He’s been out and about on the bike to see what trails are free of snow and ready to rip.

Spring has sprung in Whistler and after several weeks of rain, we’ve been treated to a few weeks of summer-like conditions. Temperatures hit the low 20s and the sun has been making a regular appearance. Although spring skiing is still in full swing with plenty to do on the hill, those of us keen to hit the dirt have plenty of options. Let’s take it from the top, providing you with a rundown of the latest trail riding conditions here in Whistler.

Cross Country Mountain Biking

Whistler North

Trails north of town are in fabulous shape, with plenty opening up weekly. The current options include North Secret (1st section of Comfortably Numb), OutThere and Kill Me Thrill Me. The No Flow Zone in between Alpine and Emerald is opening up and trails like Big Kahuna and large parts of Sh*t Happens are now snow free, but be mindful of the deadfall.

Everyone’s favourite Cat Scratch is open. The access via Rick’s Roost is snow free up until about the last 100 metres nearing the trailhead, which still has a bit of lingering snow to push through. Mandatory Suicide (which is currently getting some trail love), Mel’s Dilemma, along with Nectar Connector, Get Over It and Bob’s Rebob are also good to ride.

Village and Lost Lake

Close to the Village, the popular Cut Yer Bars Zone is open and running great. This area makes for some fun, quick laps and is relatively easy to navigate. Heading north-west from Cut Yer Bars towards Rainbow Park will get you to the Emerald Forest maze of trails. The trails in this zone have been prime for almost a month now. A few downed trees along some of the tracks still remain, but overall the area is worth a visit.

The Zappa Trails in Lost Lake are also in fantastic shape, aside from a bit of lingering snow on a few sections of the double track and pathways. The intermediate single track trails are all snow free and running buff.

Valley Trail

For those looking to cruise the valley with their family, we’re happy to report that the Valley Trail, connecting Whistler’s neighbourhoods to trails, parks and beaches, is snow and ice free. Family rides down to Rainbow Park from the heart of Whistler Village are once again possible and encouraged with the warm temperatures in the forecast.

Business Time Trail

Westside Trails

The low trails in the Westside network are running great, with the usual suspects open and clear of snow. Whip Me Snip Me is good to go and so is Hot Dog Alley, the new connector to Scotia Creek climb from the end of Danimal North. 99er, which had knee deep snow on it only a few weeks ago, is now 95% snow free, with the odd spot to ride through. Beaver Pond is running great, along with the Beaver Pass descent, and Danimal North. Danimal Middle received some recent love by the WORCA trail crew and volunteers on Tuesday night and is well worth checking out. AC/DC is also good to go, for those looking to hit up an expert run. There are plenty of options here for you to explore, so what are you waiting for?

Whistler South

Looking south of the village towards Function Junction and the Cheakamus Crossing network, there are a plethora of options to ride. Trash, Just Another Bike Trail and Cable Guy have been clear and rideable for almost a month now. While Hi Hi, Highline, AM/PM and It’s Business Time are all now snow free and running nice and tacky. The Microwave Climb is 95% snow free up to the entrance of Business Time, but the higher you go beyond that, the more snow you will encounter. Stick with the favourites, including It’s Business Time and you won’t be disappointed.

Side note: The mid-section of It’s Business Time got reworked two weeks ago during a WORCA trail night and is now all climbable. If you’ve ridden the trail in the past, you’ll recall the section just after the AM/PM trailhead was a bit of a beast to get up, well thanks to volunteers this is no longer the case.

Mountain Biking by Waterfall

The dirt is prime, the sun and warm temperatures are in the forecast, and it’s about time you got out and got a track full of dirt. Just remember that we are in spring and the trail fairies have only just started to come out of hibernation, meaning there are still plenty of spring hazards to watch out for; including snow patches, downed trees and small sections of eroded trail. Ride with care and have fun out there!

Whistler’s bike shops are also coming out of hibernation and there’s plenty of bikes available for rent – take a walk along the stroll to find one or hire a bike ahead of time at Not long to go until the Whistler Bike Park opens either (May 20) so start building that bike body now!

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