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13 Aug

Birds Up Close

Looking up to the sky this summer you’ll have a chance to see something more exciting than just clouds. Between you and the sky soar iconic and charismatic birds nesting in tree tops up and down Vancouver’s coast line. These animals play an important role in our coastal ecosystem which is explored this summer through the Vancouver Aquarium’s interactive flying demonstration, Birds Up Close.

Experience these powerful birds of prey and be impressed by their skill, agility and size as they dive and swoop above you. Seen swooping from perch to perch, landing just inches above the tops of visitors’ heads, is a majestic bald eagle displaying his wingspan of over two meters and incredibly powerful talons. A definite highlight is the moment a fillet, or lunch, is tossed into the air and, in the blink of an eye, snatched up and swallowed.

Learning opportunities throughout the show offer visitors a local perspective on the connection between sea and sky ecosystems through unparalleled aerial displays. Happening daily, overlooking the Aquarium’s Wild Coast area, these impressive members of the raptor world give insight to their essential place among British Columbia’s urban wildlife.

See falcons, hawks, eagles and more dynamic feathered acrobats this summer at the Vancouver Aquarium. Until September 5, experience Birds Up Close and be awed by these powerful creatures. Check for information and show times.

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