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5 Jun

Bring the Heat: Whistler Summer Fashion 2016

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Posted by: Feet Banks

The last day of the ski season has come and gone so it’s time to shift gears into summer fun and start thinking about how to look our best on the beaches, trails and patios of Whistler this summer.

Whistler Summer Fashion
Molly in summer white for The Circle and spinning at the beach in a Rains jacket sold at The Circle.(RIGHT: SIMON D’ARTOIS PHOTO)

As a town built on outdoor activities, Whistler fashion always includes biking/hiking/skate/snow brands and toques (even in summer!) but the warm summer weather gives everyone an excuse to shed a few layers of gore-tex and bring a little fashion into the mix. The Insider hooked up with our regular fashion consultant, Aritzia/TNA floor manager Molly Andrew, to get the scoop on the hot trends for summer 2016.

“Let’s start with shoes,” Molly says. “Gladiator sandals are big this year–strappy sandals up to the mid calf. Leather is preferred but a lot of brands are making styles in mixed textiles for people who don’t like leather. ”

“Pointed-toe flats and heels are also big and they are coming in a variety of different colours and prints, even snakeskin. Sneakers as still very popular – people love the Adidas Court Vantage and Stan Smiths. White is always classic but people are wearing printed ones or suede in light or neutral colours too.”

Summer Shoes
Left to Right: Adidias at The Circle, BC Footwear at The Beach Whistler, and Sandals at Urban Outfitters (Vancouver)

Molly says that overall this summer’s fashion continues to lean towards the 1990s, with the resurgence of both Trucker Hats and Baseball Caps on women and looser fitting jeans, with tears.

“Jeans are a bit looser fitting, somewhere in between a boyfriend cut and a straight leg in any colour but light denim or a washed out black seem most popular. It’s all distressed vintage, the more ripping the better, people pay for the rips.”

Tailored pants make the transition over from winter and maintain their popularity leading into summer. “Like a nicer pant, so you are not wearing a jean out,” Molly says. “They are pretty simple and come in everything from white to navy to black and that light pink that we are seeing a lot of this summer.”

Summer Clothing
Left to Right: Suede Trompette Dress from Aritiza, Trucker Hat from The Circle, Denim at Aritzia/TNA

Suede is massive this summer. “It has been since winter,” Molly says. “A lot of stuff is coming in suede: a top, a dress, a jacket, leggings… usually in a range of colours – black, camel, green, sometimes grey. At Aritizia there are a lot of colours and options and it is not real suede, it’s vegan suede so it’s a bit lighter.”

The Boho music festival look is still around, with strapless dresses and long skirts maintaining prominence. “Feminine, flowy, peasant style blouses are back in full force,” Molly says, “and Colette jumpsuits with pants, but there is a bit of a more masculine 90’s look rolling in too with button-up mack-style rain jackets and bomber jackets in plain green, white or black. I saw printed ones in Europe, more fitted, but those are less common over here.”

Beach and swimwear is seeing the resurgence of other vintage looks. “One-pieces are big, with a lot of different choices from a high neck to a low back and plunging neckline. The crocheted/macramé look is out there and halter-top bikinis are big, everyone is getting one of those so you’d better get on it. Bottoms are skimpier – the cheeky cut or thong if you are brave enough. No one is complaining there.”

Women and Mens Swimwear
Ripcurl swimwear available at McCoos

The best in local kid’s fashion is found at Fun For Kids in the Village and The Circle Kids on Main Street. Fun for Kids carries Adidas’s children lines and trendy beach wear.

For men, Molly says the trend is towards slightly shorter shorts (mid thigh) and swim trunks are looking more retro and printed. “Not extreme, but polka dots or pineapples, anchors. Colours are not flouro but close.”

Fashionable dudes will be wearing chino trousers in classic tan, green, denim or white. “White is dominating the summer scene – white trousers worn with a denim shirt or tighter t-shirt. It seems like the rounded neck is a bit more popular this year too.”

And overalls are back for both men and women, which is very 90s. Next thing you know there will be kids hacky sacking in the Village Square. Thanks Molly! We’ll see you on the patio!

Whistler Village

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