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    Some of the finest dining options in Montreal’s Gay Village are BYOW, otherwise known as Bring Your Own Wine (and beer)…

    Montreal’s Gay Village is blessed with several great restaurants which allow you to bring your own wine or beer, and since the neighbourhood boasts 2 SAQ outlets (866 Saint-Catherine East and 1250 Saint-Catherine East), dinner and drinks couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Whether you’re going out for sushi or fine French cuisine, the SAQ boasts knowledgeable staff that are happy to make recommendations.

    O’Thym is one of those restaurants that each time you go, you leave with a lingering “wow.” A constantly changing menu that highlights local produce prepared with fine French technique and flare. Bringing your own wine makes this decadent cuisine affordable, and the classic ambiance and keen service make it enjoyable.

    Who doesn’t like a good fondue, or as I call it, a FUN-due. Tout Feu Tout Flamme is a village gem for fondue and grill. What separates TFTF from the rest is that it’s open to 5AM on Friday and Saturdays, making it perfect for those late night hunger adventures. Now, I’m never one to gush over melted cheese, but if their Mexican cheese fondue with Tequila and jalapeno peppers doesn’t bring you closer to your choice supreme creator then I don’t know what will. Don’t forget to bring your wine! (What wine goes best with melted cheese? All of them?)

    Sushi and Szechuan get along famously at Uchi. In a day where questionable sushi shops seem to pop-up everywhere, rest assured that this Japanese restaurant is the real deal. When picking up your wine at the nearby SAQ, keep in mind these tips for pairing with Asian cuisine: No oak flavors, keep it low in alcohol, and consider doing a sparkling wine because the bubbles refresh the palate when the smolder of the spices get too intense.

    Couscoussiere Ali Baba is one of the pricier BYOW restaurants in the Village, yet well worth it. This place stays true to the culinary traditions of Morocco and Tunisia with yummy couscous, tajines, brik (a deep-fried Tunisian delicacy) and… Belly Dancers! Yes, every Friday and Saturday night at 9PM, patrons at Ali Baba are treated to live Belly Dancers! Best wine for couscous? If you want red, try a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz, and if you’re feeling like white, a Chardonnay is your best bet for flavour harmony.

    My mother always said “never eat pasta on a first date or you’ll never find a husband,” but when going to Mozza, I whole-heartedly disagree. Mozza is intimate and very romantic, plus they have twenty kinds of sauces to pick from! When in Rome, do as the Romans do, so I suggest picking up your fave Italian red before showing up.A bring your own wine steakhouse with unlimited fries?!? A place like this must only exist in dreams, right? Steak Frites is a Montreal staple, with locations spotted throughout the city. The location is the Gay Village though is absolutely gorgeous, and the place always seems to be packed full of cute guys. The helpful SAQ guy suggested I bring a Syrah or a Syrah blend like a Cotes du Rhone for the perfect wine pairing. This is for the steak obviously- when I brought up pairings for the unlimited fries he gave a firm “impossible.”


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