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22 Jun

Campfire Project could bring public fire pits to Vancouver beaches

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A warm glow, toasty marshmallows, crackling wood.. The campfire is the quintessential summer must-have that gathers friends, families, and strangers around a hypnotizing flame. Unfortunately, campfires in Vancouver are largely banned and not allowed on public beaches for a variety of public safety and health issues.

However, three Vancouver residents have started up the Campfire Project, which aims to introduce shared, public fire pits on select Vancouver beaches.

Campfire project vancouver

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The campfire project is a part of the CityStudio “innovation hub” that brings staff, university students, and community members together to work on innovative projects in Vancouver (such as the upcoming pop-up Public Piano project).

The campfire project will begin with a test pilot program that will set up a fire pit at Locarno Beach in Kitsilano. If the pilot is successful, public fire pits could be installed at Locarno, Jericho, Spanish Banks, and Third Beach.

Vancouver beach campfires

Image courtesy of The Campfire Project |

The fire pits would act as a way to ramp up social interaction and would be a BYOW (bring your own wood) set up. Ringed by river rocks or cement, the fire pits would be situated at least 300 metres from the closest home, have washrooms in the vicinity, and be visible from the nearest road.

“The whole point is that they’re shared,” the project coordinators recently told the Georgia Straight. “The idea is that people will just come and have firewood, and then other people will come and join.”

What do you think about The Campfire Project? Do you think Vancouver beaches need public fire pits? Let us know in the comment section below!

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