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3 Oct

Captured: Black Tusk Hike

This is a tad late but a month ago me and a couple friends completed what I consider one of Whistler’s classic hikes. I suggest avoiding the weekends for this one as camping at Garibaldi Lake in August can get a bit busy. The weather wasn’t perfect but we still had a great trip. We started our hike at the Rubble Creek parking lot and hiked the 9km up the barrier to Garibaldi Lake. The next day we broke camp and left our packs at the Black Tusk junction and continued up before summiting Black Tusk proper. We then continued on to spend the next night at the lightly used Helm Creek campground where we had a rainy night before hiking out across the Cheakamus River to the Cheakamus Lake parking lot.

DSCN1097 (Custom)The Barrier

DSCN1104 (Custom)The trail upto Garibaldi Lakeis fairly manicured though the switch backs can be punishing at times.

DSCN1114 (Custom)Garibaldi Lake on a cloudy day.

DSCN1156 (Custom)View looking back at Garibaldi Lake from the Black Tusk trail.

DSCN1185 (Custom)At the top of the scree slope hiking alng the steep ridge towards Black Tusk proper.

DSCN1186 (Custom)Climbing the steep and crumbly chimney up Black Tusk.

DSCN1193 (Custom)Our rewarding view from the top of Black Tusk, can’t you see those lovely alpine meadows and far off peaks?

DSCN1199 (Custom)The fog got pretty thick at times, if it wasn’t for these flags you can definitely head down the wrong chimney by accident.

DSCN1214 (Custom)It opened up a bit after we climbed down. Here we can see the loose shale slope you have to ascend to reach the base of the tusk.

DSCN1234 (Custom)Looking back up at Black Tusk from a different angle than we’re used to.

DSCN1251 (Custom)Continuing on our way to Helm Creek campground the trail heads into a flat volcanic rock covered valley.

DSCN1258 (Custom)Crossing the lava field.

DSCN1267 (Custom)This was a fun creek crossing to navigate.

DSCN1285 (Custom)Soggy morning at the Helm Creek campground.

DSCN1293 (Custom)The bridge we crossed over the Cheakamus  River to get on the Cheakamus Lake trail on our way out.

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