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23 Aug

Captured: Canadian Open DH

Yeah I know I’m a bit late to the party with this one. Definitely a hardcore downhill fan favourite, the Canadian Open DH has become notorious as of late not for its rooty, steep course with large jumps and rock rolls but more for one particular spot where fans congregate known as Hecklers Rock. Directly underneath Fitzsimmons chair, no person is safe from ridicule and of course… “no shirts on the rock”. Oh yeah if you’re afraid of male nudity I suggest you don’t scroll down to the end of this post.

PHU_4297 (Custom)

What the sign says… no exceptions.

PHU_4324 (Custom)

It truly is like no other DH race.

PHU_4267 (Custom)

Getting up close and personal with the fans before dropping off the rock.

PHU_4215 (Custom)

If u want cheers…

PHU_4249 (Custom)

Gerry coming in hot.

PHU_4394 (Custom)

The lower sections of the course are steep and technical.

PHU_4416 (Custom)

Chris Kovarik looking good before the chute.

PHU_4433 (Custom)

The chute before the track drops through the boneyard to the finishing jumps.

PHU_4412 (Custom)

Rider out of focus… cuz im artistic like that.

PHU_4448 (Custom)

Stevie Smith cementing his King of Crankworx crown with a 0.09s win over Mick Hannah

PHU_4333 (Custom)

I warned you…

I’ll catch ya at next years Crankworx.



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