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8 Sep

Captured: Cerise Creek Hike

During the winter some friends and I made a ski touring day trip out to Keith’s Hut up the Duffy Lake Highway. I wanted to see what the area looked like in summer so we made an overnighter there. Turns out theres a small lake nearby and some nice places to camp. Popular with mountaineers with its easy access to Mt Joffre and Mt Matier, we enjoyed the views of the Anniversary Glacier and made a short hike up the ridge coming off Mt Joffre. If you do get to do this hike, watch out for wasps as they seem to be quite active this summer (3 of our party got stung… myself twice… oh and the dog got stung too!)

DSCN0855 (Custom)

The trail splits early on with the summer trail heading along a fireroad before ascending steeply up the backside of the hill the hut is on.

DSCN0870 (Custom)

There was a variety of creek crossings with various levels of sketchiness.

DSCN0885 (Custom)

First views of Mt Joffre from a nice meadow maybe halfway up the hike.

DSCN0866 (Custom)

Flowers blooming along the trail.

DSCN0895 (Custom)

Along the ascent on the final approach to the hut.

DSCN0986 (Custom)

Not a bad place to pitch a tent.

DSCN1019 (Custom)

View of the Anniversary Glacier from Keith’s Hut

DSCN0954 (Custom)

Looking down on our camping area from the morraine.

DSCN1039 (Custom)

Nice morning hike up the ridge towards Mt Joffre.

DSCN1084 (Custom)

Great weekend, this is a definite gem of a hike in the Whistler area and far less travelled than some.

DSCN1083 (Custom)


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