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10 Apr

Captured: Escaping the bubble

Those of us who are lucky enough to call Whistler home know it can seem like a bit of a bubble sometimes. Maybe that’s why residents are constantly planning getaways from this paradise that we live in. I know I’m always ready by midwinter for a break from the constant early dawn patrols and late nights working. Tofino is a popular place for Whistler residents to visit, for the surfing, the beaches and the laid back feel, there even was a Pique article written about it. I hadn’t been to the island in a while when a friend suggested a March road trip, I suggested hitting Victoria and Tofino…

View of victoria harbour from our hotel

After some minor (major actually) vehicle issues in Port Alberni, we made it to the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Driftwood log on Long Beach

Night falling at Cox Bay Beach Resort

Brave soul heading out to surf in chilly March weather

Enjoying some West Coast fare at Shelter Restaurant in Tofino

We spent a day exploring the newly minted, and not completely finished, Wild Pacific Trail in nearby Ucluelet.

Trail marker on the amazinly scenic Wild Pacific Trail

One of many vistas along the Wild Pacific Trail

What trip to Tofino would be complete without a visit to Storm Surf Shop?

The photo wall inside Storm Surf Shop, showing a rich history of West Coast surfing culture


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