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21 Feb

Captured: Recon ski tour up to Keith’s Hut

Headed up the Duffy Lake Road this past weekend in search of some new zones to ski and soft snow. After a lengthy but fairly straightforward skin up we arrived at Keiths Hut which was built by friends of Keith Flavelle who passed away while climbing Mt Logan. Some more trips up into this area are definitely planned for the future as the skiing looks amazing.

Jeff inching his way across the Cayoosh Creek crossing near the trailhead.

The group skinning across one of the flats

Skinning up with Vantage Peak rising above

The skies opened up a bit and we could see the Anniversary Glacier

Keith’s Hut finally spotted!

We still had to cross this flat area to get to it…

And we made it after ~3 hours including a minor detour.


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