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22 Apr

Captured: Scenes from the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Well another World Ski and Snowboard Festival has come and gone and now is the time I catch up on some well earned sleep. Here are some of the things I witnessed this week.

Few friends and I (the shark on the left) got dressed up for a friends birthday on the first Saturday of the fest…

Giraffe spotting underneath Solar Coaster chair.

Took in an awesome concert by NAS

NAS killing it on stage.

The Black Diamond Betties celebrating their win in their Vengeance in the Valley bout with the Sea to Sky Sirens.

Took in some art at State of the Art. Go Check out David McColm’s Whistler time lapse here.

Another local Whistler artist’s work on display at State of the Art.

I kept coming back to this one for some reason.

Live painting in action at State of the Art.

Took in the new 72Hr Filmmaker Encore event this year… great idea to allow more people to experience the atmosphere of the 72Hr Filmmaker Showdown.

Feet Banks was excellent as usual in his MC gig.

Conrad Shapansky introducing his winning film Katch Up.

Local Angie Nolan taking home the people’s choice award.

Well headed up to check out the Monster Shred Show Boarderstye but the weather had other ideas.

Watched up and comer Leo Zuckerman show up the local film crews at their own game…

Robjn Taylor on the mic for Intersection

Capped off my week watching some double corks… and a triple cork.

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