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3 Jul

Captured: The Today Show in Whistla!

The Today Show Australia made their way into Whistler today, much to the delight of the local Aussie population. And what The Today Show was doing is something we get to do 365 days/year here at Whistler is Awesome; celebrate everything awesome in Whistler. We’re a lucky bunch, we Whistlerites, and I love that the highest rated Aussie breakfast TV program decided to showcase our amazing little town. Come back anytime!

WIA: What have you found so amazing about Canada so far?

Host Lisa Wilkinson: The scenery! It is ridiculous how beautiful the mountains are here and how much fun you can have in the summer. We weren’t expecting that at all, we thought it was all about snowy peaks and skiing and doing all the winter stuff. But honestly I’d come here in a heartbeat just to do the adventure stuff.

WIA: Tell me one reason Whistler is awesome.

Host Karl Stefanovic: The scenery is magnificent and to be able to show Australia the scenery in the summer is what’s so unique to what we’re doing. We love the people here and I love the beers and the food. I’ve had a great time, we’re livin’ it up.

WIA: Why do you think Australians like coming to Whistler?

Host Georgie Gardner: Scenery, cuisine, activities aside, you people are just ridiculously nice. Like we actually can’t get over it. We’re yet to come across a dud, everyone is just so polite and so sweet and so accommodating and so welcoming. At the end of the day we really feel like there is a beautiful affiliation between Australian and Canadian people – we’re kindred spirits and we want to come back! Just give us an invitation.

Today Show Australia Photo Jeremy Postal

Co-hosts Georgie, Karl, Lisa

Richard live in Whistler.

Richard live in Whistler.

Richard of the Today Show Interviewing Aussie Girl Photo by Jeremy Postal

Richard and Richard live in Whistler.

Richard and Richard live in Whistler.

Karl  Lisa interviewing Whistler local, Sylvia Dolson.

Karl Lisa interviewing Whistler local, Sylvia Dolson.

The Today Show Australia

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