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23 Jun

Captured: Tough Mudder Photos

Tough Mudder rolled back into town today (June 22, 2013) with 19,000+ participants who started out the day with the nervous shakes and ended their day stoked, dirty, and living large in the Samsung foam bath. With 10-12 miles of mud, hill, and rock combined with 25 military style obstacles, participants were pushed to their limits and beyond as teams conquered each obstacle.

As a spectator the event is super fun to watch filled with tons of highlights and (my recommendation) earplugs for the kids. The word of the day was “Holy f*ck!” as people left the Arctic Enema.

A few photos from the day courtesy of myself and partner-in-crime, Wade Olinger tell a bunch of the story but don’t even begin to show the magnitude of the event. Olinger says, “The size and mass energy of the event and course will blow you away. The amount of participants is electric, it’s a buzz and it draws you in. The expressions from people are priceless, just when they think they’re down and out somebody is there reaching a hand out to pull them in for a strong finish.”

Mitch O’Conner, back for year two of the event, said of the course: “It was better than last year with some surprises. The toughest part was the overall experience; the death-march was burly followed by the cliffhanger. In the Electric Eel you’re like crawling through the water getting shocked in the ears, heads ringing, and it’s awesome.”

Awesome? Well, I’ll take his word for it. In the mean time I’m proposing a Whistler Is Awesome vs. Vancouver Is Awesome team for next year. Who’s in? Tough Mudder, next year I’ll see ya at the start line (if only to hit up the Samsung Tough Mudder Washing Machine at the end! How cool was that?).


Tough Mudder Start

Sean From Tough Mudder

Mass of TOugh Mudders

Tough Mudder Pic

nate Gole Tough Mudder


Ugly Tough Mudders

Tough Mudder Girl Bailing Out of Arctic Water

Samsung Tough Mudder Washer

Samsung Tough Mudder Wash

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