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15 May

Captured: Waterfalls Near You!

Whistler has many waterfalls located in the near vicinity that only require a short drive and maybe a small walk to get to. I try to make it to all of em at least once a year as they always amaze me. Recently a few friends and I made it to a few all in one day including one I’d never been to.

Alexander Falls is located a short drive south on Hwy 99 and a few km up Callaghan Valley Rd.

Brandywine Falls is a short 10-15min walk from the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park parking lot located off of Hwy 99 10min south of Whistler. Exposed columnar basalt lava flows give this waterfall a unique look.

Nairn Falls is just south of Pemberton and takes a 15min walk to get to and has a character all of its own with its canyon like walls funneling the water into the final falls.

Snapped this shot on the way to our next destination on Pemberton Creek.

Locals call it Pemberton Falls, requiring a bit of a scramble and we lost the trail a couple times but follow Pemberton Creek near town up and you will be rewarded.

Other waterfalls in the area include Rainbow Falls, just off the Rainbow Lake trail and one of my favourites Shannon Falls located in Squamish.

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