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26 Mar

Chasing Tail: Kody

Name: Kody

Breed: Blue Heeler

Stomping ground: White Gold. Usually found along Fitzsimons Walk and in between Spruce Grove.

Best thing about being a Whistler dog: “There are lots of reasons! I love those 20cm powder days; I get so excited and hyper because it’s great for jumping and rolling in. And the Valley Trail is right on my doorstep, so when my mommies take me for walkies, they throw me lots of snowballs. The Village is also very dog friendly and I like visiting the TD bank and the Visitor Centre. In the summertime, we go bike riding around Lost Lake, where you’ll catch me swimming and playing with the other dogs at Canine Cove. I like to relax on the floaty docks but it’s not too long before I’m ready to go again.”

Other info: “I’m 4 years old and I was born on February 29th. Yep, I’m a leap dog. I have lots of energy so I enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, rollerblading, disc golf, climbing, cross country skiing and “fresh tracks” (if only dogs where allowed up the mountain!). My best tricks are high five and roll over.”

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