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20 Mar

Chasing Tail: Spartacus

Spartacus the Dog

Name: Spartacus

Breed: Samoyed Wolf Cross

Stomping ground: Emerald, One Duck Lake Hike, Meadow Park Doggy Park

Best thing about being a Whistler dog: “Sooooo many friends and fun places to go play. Oh and the snow… I love bouncing in the snow and high marking up all the massive snowbanks and playing King of the Hill with my fellow canines!”

Other info: Spartacus is six months old and loves to run around. He also loves meeting new friends and new people. He may act a little shy at times but he’s full of kisses as soon as he gets to know you. Sometimes while his owners are watching TV, they catch Spartacus actually watching TV too! But his favourite pastime is finding sticks and branches to chew to pieces, although there’s always lots of wood chips to clean up after he’s done.

Spartacus the Dog on a Walk

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