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12 Nov

Comfort Dining: The Irish Heather’s Long Table Series

Photo: Irish Heather

Photo: Irish Heather

By Chris Blanchette

As the days become darker and the nights grow colder, autumn brings a yearning for comfort – this could be a cozy atmosphere or hearty meal. Luckily, the Irish Heather provides both with their Autumn Long Table Series.

On Sunday and Monday nights when Gastown is at its quietest, the Irish Heather is bustling with great food and bold chatter. Those who take part in the Long Table Series are seated at – you guessed it – a long table to eat, drink and socialize.

The evening starts with the ringing of a bell to signal the beginning of dinner, and everyone cozies up at the table like a family. Next comes the delivery of a frothy pint of beer, which is included with the dinner; however, more drinks can be ordered should the beer disappear quickly. Finally comes the nosh, and the Irish Heather doesn’t disappoint. The idea is to warm the body with some traditional comfort food.

Currently, the Sunday dinners include Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding paired with Russell Brewing’s Blood Alley Bitter. Mondays serve up Turkey with Onion Stuffing and Cranberry Chutney paired with Grimbergen, a Belgian beer. The whole evening includes one entrée and one 20 ounce beer all for a bargain price of $17.
For you vegetarians and vegans, have no fear. Substitutions can be made ahead of time to suit your conscience and your taste buds.

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