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10 Oct

Cornucopia 2016: Guide for Gourmets and Entertainers

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Posted by: Pip Campbell

“Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.” – Elsa Schiaparelli, Italian designer

The act of taking a meal with friends and family is a tradition shared across the globe regardless of religion and culture, making it one of the great shared human experiences. Sourcing, preparing and presenting your own food to friends can be a source of great delight, and a never-ending opportunity for learning and creativity from the simplicity of perfecting the grilled cheese sandwich to creating a memorable dinner party for your extended family.

Friends Sharing a MealPHOTO DARBY MAGILL

Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial celebrates all facets of the culinary world, from learning where food comes from to the skills needed to create a stunning dish and the art of pairing food and drinks of all kinds. Here we outline events that offer something for the gourmets (and gourmands), the entertainers, and those who want to explore the fascinating world of cooking and eating.

The Art of Dining: Winery Dinners
Whistler’s finest restaurants team up with wineries and distilleries from BC and beyond for evenings of exceptional food and drink pairings. Each night is a multi-course voyage of discovery led by skilled chefs and sommeliers, both delicious and inspiring. Winery dinners have limited seats so purchase tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment.
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Food as Craft: Chef’s Table Luncheons
If you are really into your food – both eating and cooking – then the Chef’s Table Luncheons might be right up your alley. Held in private houses throughout Whistler, these intimate events let you get up close and personal with the chef, watching and chatting with them as they prepare their meal and explain their food philosophy.
Explore Chef’s Table Luncheons


New Skills: Culinary Stage Series
The festival mainstage is the place to be if you are interested in getting a full food education from produce to plate. Local and national chefs will be demonstrating cooking techniques and sharing their passion for local ingredients and their own unique style of cooking.
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An Education in Taste: Drink Seminars
If you believe life is too short to drink bad wine and the dinner party is definitely not dead, do take a look at the Drink Seminars. Each one offers a comprehensive look at a range of beverages or a food and drink pairing that can easily be replicated when entertaining at home. Expect to dive deep into how a delicious product is made or why two items –say, wine and cheese– go together so beautifully. Expand your gastronomical horizons, and take home tips to wow your guests.

Drink Seminar: Top Value Wines
Walk away with a list of wines to take to dinner that will impress without breaking the bank.
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Cocktail Drink SeminarPHOTOS DARBY MAGILL

Drink Seminar: Happy Hour @ Home
Learn the secrets of hosting a ‘cinq à sept’ cocktail gathering, the latest way to entertain without the demands of a full scale dinner party.
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Drink Seminar: BC Wine Cheese – The Truth Uncovered
Both wine and cheese from British Columbia star in this seminar with a proud provincial focus.
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Drink Seminar: BC Craft Beer Cheese: The Home Run Champions
That’s right – beer and cheese is also a thing. Take in combination with the Wine and Cheese seminar above for a well-rounded education.
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Drink Seminar: Craft Beer for Wine Lovers
Are you wine savvy but beer bereft? This one might help you understand how the other half lives.
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Drink Seminar: Mix It Up Chow It Down: Pairing Food and Cocktails
Spirits shine in this seminar, where the lesser-known relationships between food and cocktails will be explored.
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Drink Seminar: Spirited Chocolate
A seminar devoted to the decadent pairing of spirits and chocolate in hot and cold drinks.
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Drink Seminar: Bubbly Cocktails – The Life of the Party
A seminar that reveals how to make both classic and new bubbly drinks, with ideas for savoury snacks for your next soiree included.
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Wine and Chocolate PairingPHOTOS DARBY MAGILL

Drink Seminar: Wine Chocolate – Friends with Benefits
On cold winter nights, turn to this classic pairing for comfort.
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Drink Seminar: Slice Advice – Pairing Wine Pizza
Take your pizza night to new levels by serving the right wine with every slice.
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The more you take in of the festival, the more you’ll take home to your own dining table – check out the accommodation deals and packages from and stay an extra day or two. Bon Appetit.

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