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15 Aug

Crankworx Whistler: Deep Summer Winners

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There have probably been more high-fives in Whistler this past week than any other time of the year and as Crankworx keeps rolling along (August 8-17 2014) mountain bikers of all ages continue to find new ways to have fun, make friends, and keep stoke levels high.

Screen grab from Ale Di Lullo’s winning slideshow.

One of the most popular events of the festival is the Deep Summer Photo Challenge: top mountain bike photographers have 72 hours to shoot and compile a biking slideshow. With perfect weather and shooting conditions on some of the best biking terrain on the planet, all six Deep Summer photographers came up with epic shows that made for an outstanding event. When the dust finally settled it was Italy’s Ale Di Lullo who took the grand prize.

Whistler rider and Insider contributor Ollie Jones was on Ale’s winning team so we tracked him down on Facebook for a quick digital chat about the experience and the victory. But first, check out their winning show.

The Insider: Congrats on the effort Ollie. Was this your first Deep Summer?

Ollie: No, actually it was my third. I shot with Justa Jeskova in 2012 and placed third. Last year I shot with Garret Grove and placed second.

The Insider: Sweet. Now you’ve filled all the podium positions, any thoughts about entering next year as a photographer? (Note: Ollie is a very skilled photographer, check out some of his biking shots in this Insider post.)

Ollie: I’d love to play a different role at some point in the near future.

The Insider: Ale Di Lullo hails from Italy. What was it like working with someone from out of town with such a hectic timeframe?

Ollie:It couldn’t have been more amazing. The European vibe was unmatched and it was good times showing him new lines and zones to shoot in. He’s been here a few times before so he knew the deal right off the bat and knew exactly what he wanted to do, especially with the stop motion in the lifestyle sections.

The Insider: That worked out really well and brought a great human element. How was it working with The Froriders? Were Richie and Tippie and Wade heroes of yours growing up?

Ollie: They still are my heroes really. Leaders in the sport and people I will always look up to for sure. And having Brett Tippie on your team makes everything easier!

The Insider: What were some of the biggest challenges for the team?

Ollie: The dry weather was perfect for dirt-explosion shots and everyone had some great roost shots with dirt flying all over but the heat also played a big part for the riders. It was so hot. It was tough to work in at times, really tough.

The Insider: It’s a very difficult competition and everyone puts on a great show. What do you think made your team victorious this year?

Ollie: I think we stood out this year because we had a really solid team—big names and big moves. Also the stop-motion lifestyle bits hadn’t been seen before. Planning is essential and hard-working riders are key. Ale and our editor Matt Dennison really knew what they wanted and what they were doing to get there.

The Insider: Any advice for young riders or photographers who might want to jump into this contest in the future?

Ollie: Drink lots of water, you’re in for a hell of a ride!

Also, check out What I Do in Whistler, Matt Dennison’s winning entry to the 2014 Go Pro Dirt Diaries. For more information on Crankworx or Whistler in general hit up

And the winner is….Ale. SCOTT ROBERTS PHOTO

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