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10 Nov

Crushing It At Cornucopia Whistler

Friday night played host to Cornucopia’s flagship event, the Crush Gala Grand Tasting at the Whistler Conference Centre. While in year’s past this event has featured a pricier ticket and more food, this season’s iteration got back to it’s roots with an event dedicated to the wine.


With literally hundreds of wines to swirl, sniff and sip (who spits?!) a ticket to Crush is like getting the keys to the world’s largest wine cellar.

Do not hit Crush without a strategy. Here are some Do’s…no don’ts here…you really can do no wrong at this Cornucopia Whistler event!

  • Eat dinner before you arrive. This year’s event centred around the wine and you are going to have way more fun if you aren’t trying to get your dinner by lapping the Sidecut Steak table for dice-sized cubes of (delicious delicious) steak all night. 
  • Taste from light to dark. Start your tasting with bubbles, then move to a variety of whites before ending the night with reds.
  • Rinse that glass before each and every pour! Doing this will ensure you are tasting the actual wine – not some bizarre rose you created by pouring Chardonnay over the dregs of Pinot Noir! Bonus point here is that the person pouring is going to think you know what you are doing.
  • Drink the Top 25. Keep a keen eye out of the bottles labelled with the Top 25 crest. These beauties were chosen by Cornucopia’s panel of expertly trained palates to be the best of the best from Cornucopia’s line-up.
  • Don’t forget about your favourites. This year the organizers did a bang up job of providing all the details you need to maximize your enjoyment of the wine. Besides tasting notes the prices of each bottle were labelled as well as the liquor store where you can find it in town! Snap pictures of your favourites with your smart phone or download the app from BC Liquor Stores. 

Crush Grand Gala Tasting part deux will go off tonight at the Conference Centre and it looks like there are still tickets left! Check out this link for the details.

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