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23 Nov

David Myles Gets a Break, Whistler-Style

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Halifax-based musician David Myles is almost unnaturally excited about his November 24, 2012, show at Whistler’s Millennium Place. The performance will mark the end of a 35-gig western tour which saw Myles knock off two sets a night while traveling with his wife and 4-month-old daughter. It all ends after the Whistler performance but rather than the chance to get back to normal domestic life (or getting out on the slopes) Myles actually seems the most stoked to enjoy another classic Whistler pursuit.

“If I can track down an outdoor hot tub, I will be really happy,” Myles says. “Last time I was in town I found a hotel key on the ground for the Westin… I got into the spa and they have this incredible indoor/outdoor pool and TWO outdoor hot tubs!”

Last time the 32-year-old singer songwriter was in Whistler it was to perform at the 2010 Paralympic Games. It was also his first time in town and also came at the end of a hectic schedule. “I did 45 shows in 15 days at the Atlantic House in Vancouver during the Olympics,” Myles explains, “plus some extra gigs on the side, 51 shows in three weeks. Then I flew home for another long tour then flew back. I wanted to play at the Paralympics but it was a real low point, energy-wise.”

However, the lifelong snowboarder quickly found some rejuvenation. “I was totally exhausted when I got to Whistler and as soon I arrived I did the most incredible 180. Being in the mountains felt great, I had a good meal, slept well and got up and snowboarded all day. I met a local on the chairlift and she showed me some great spots. I didn’t realize you get terrain and snow that good on a commercial ski hill. By the time we left I felt 100 percent better.”

After five studio albums (and an unexpected live disc) David Myles is one of Canada’s brightest stars. His latest record, Into the Sun, has won numerous awards and hearts with its infectiously happy horns and positive, confident vocals and lyrics.

Myles will play with local singer/songwriter/musican/ruler-of-all-things-awesome Ali Milner as part of the Whistler Arts Council’s Performance Series. It will mark the first time on this tour Myles and his band have shared the stage with another act.

“I’m excited,” he says. “I love having an opener when it is someone from that zone. And just to be in Whistler, to make it through that tour, it feels like a reward.”

After the snow Myles says he will spend a day snowboarding with his brother and relaxing with his family before heading back to Atlantic Canada for some holiday charity food bank shows. Tickets to Saturday night’s Myles/Milner show are still available at the Whistler Arts Council site and you can buy David Myles latest record on his website or anywhere fine music is sold.

In the meantime check out this video.

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