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1 May

Dine In Whistler Saves More than Money

TAG: Culinary

Posted by: Feet Banks

Editor’s note: The information I am about to impart on you is equally useful to women and men but for some reason it’s almost always the dudes who need it the most.

Fellas, remember those disparaging remarks you made about your mother-in-law? Or that time you mentioned how Susan next door is, “Looking really hot since she started jogging”? Or how about when you accidentally got wasted after work with the boys and didn’t make it home before the meatloaf dried out?

Whatever your crime (and I know there’s something) you don’t have to do the time, thanks to Dine In Whistler, the cheapest and easiest get-out-of-jail-free card available this spring.

Dine In Whistler features 29 of our best restaurants banding together to help out all the bumbling husbands/boyfriends out there by offering fantastic food at incredibly low prices. With a variety of set menus ranging from $19 to $49 there’s good eating to be had at any price point and the scenery and atmosphere in Whistler are always inspiring enough to help her forget what an idiot you are.

It may be true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but the way to a woman’s forgiveness is through giving her an excuse to spend 90 minutes dressing up nice, taking her out to a classy spot, and serving her food she doesn’t have to prepare or clean up. Dine In Whistler offers exactly what you need to get out of the doghouse and back in the fun house.

From high-end, candle-lit romance at The Rim Rock Cafe or Hy’s Steakhouse (for only $49) to quick laughs with friends at Sushi Village or Blacks ($19 menus, are you kidding me?) Dine In Whistler has got your back.

And all these amazing (and cheap) opportunities to salvage your relationship last from April 23 – June 28, 2012, so you may as well build up some bonus points while you can by getting her out to Dine In Whistler at least once a week (or pair it with a hotel room/weekend getaway for a guaranteed spot in the good books.) Add in a nice bottle of wine and this works so well it’s almost shameless…but you know the saying, “Happy wife…Happy life.”

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